Monday Morning Musings | No.158

Weekend Recap

I barely took a single photo this weekend. I looked at my camera roll trying to find something for this blog post and had to laugh, I had pretty much just one photo to choose from! And in my opinion that makes it a pretty darn good weekend.

We spent the majority of Friday and Saturday playing with our nieces and nephews, and it was heaven. A few of Ryan’s siblings (3 out of the 7! ha!) were in town, and we had the best time just being together. Lots of late nights drinking wine on the back porch swapping stories and catching up on life. And on Sunday night we spent the evening with my family, which was just the best. 

To say my love tank is full would be an understatement. I live for weekends like these. 

5 Things I'm Loving

Polo Dress

I have this dress in pink and I LOVE it. So when I saw this colorway drop I got so excited! I think the color blocking is so much fun on this one. 

True to size and so comfortable!

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The new Simplified Planners just launched this weekend, and they are so cute! This one is my favorite, but I’m also partial to this style as well. I’ve been using these planners for years, if you are looking for a new one, you can not go wrong! 

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Night Cream

This past week I pulled out a fresh jar of my FAVORITE night cream after having a few days of horribly dry skin. I had totally forgotten about the magic of this night cream, but trust me, I will not forget any time soon. WOW it’s so good.

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Raffia Stretch Belt

If you buy one thing for yourself this Spring, let it be this belt. I have a VERY similar one from a few years ago and guys, I wear it ALL the time. It’s such a great versatile accessory (see here,  here, & here). Seriously. It’s a good find.

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Robe Life

If you are looking for a really sweet Mother’s Day gift, this just might be the thing! I love Lake pajamas, and this pretty floral print robe looks like Saturday morning heaven.

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