Monday Morning Musings | No.159

Low Key Weekend

We had a glorious low key weekend… it was just what we needed after what felt like an insane week. On Friday, I made one of our favorite meals, along with homemade brownies, and we started re-watching Ted Lasso, because one time just isn’t enough. On Saturday, we went out for breakfast burritos. and then spent the afternoon doing things around the house. I finally had some time to get to learn my new Cricut, and y’all: I am OBSESSED. It took almost all of Saturday, but by Sunday afternoon, I totally started to get the hang of it (see what I made here! 😉 ). And on Friday evening, we had dinner at a friend’s house, and I brought this blueberry crisp, and wow, I’d highly recommend you add it to your “to make” pile of recipes! 

On Sunday, we did church, and then dove back into more house stuff. I bit the bullet and finally cleaned out my dresser drawers and washed my makeup brushes (this stuff is the best)–both tasks that have been on my list for far too long. But man am I glad they are done. It rained for most of the day on Sunday, so I didn’t feel too guilty being cooped up inside going throw old leggings and t-shirts, ha! But as soon as the sun came out, I went for a run. I was in desperate need of a little sunshine! Truly, it was kind of a dream weekend. Which gets me so excited for the week ahead! 


5 Things I'm Loving

The Prettiest Gems

I have not been able to get these earrings out of my head since I saw them a few weeks ago. Aren’t they gorgeous?! I keep coming back to them over and over… the perfect earring, in my opinion!

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Under $50 Dress

I ordered this gem on Friday, and I can’t wait for it to arrive. It just looks so springy and sweet. Love the cut and the pattern. Plus, it’s a linen-cotton blend, which is my favorite for Florida spring and summers. 

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Daisy Candle Stick Holders

If I had a nickel for every DM I’ve gotten over the past 2 weeks about these candlestick holders, I’d be able to buy a truck load of these. But truly they are an AMAZING find. I am trying to figure out where I can put these or if I even need a reason for ordering them. Because I seriously L-O-V-E them. 

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Floral Shirt

I bought this shirt last week. and when it came in and I put it on, I felt like it was an elevated Hawaiian shirt, and honestly I’m here for it. So far I’ve worn it tucked into high-waisted wide leg white pants, but I’m thinking it may even be super cute over a white bikini. Options are endless! Truly fits in with my aspiration of living the Florida retiree life. I feel like I’m going to get a lot of milage out of this one. SO fun to wear. 

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Nail Ridge Filler 

Okay, this product is SO GOOD. I don’t really have very many ridges in my nails, but wow does this product make a difference in how my polish lays. Even if you don’t have ridges, get. this. It’s amazing.

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