Monday Morning Musings | No.169

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Boston For The Weekend

Last week my girlfriend Danielle texted me and said, “hey, do you want to go to Boston next week and do the museums and get inspired?!”, and I couldn’t say “YES!” fast enough. I bought the ticket that hour, and five days later we were in Boston. 

Just a quick weekend trip where we explored, browsed museums, drank fancy cocktails, took too many photos, laughed until our stomachs hurt, and filled our inspiration tanks right back up. If you get a chance to sneak away to a museum for an afternoon, even in your hometown, do it. I didn’t realize how much I had missed strolling through an art museum, getting lost in all the beauty… there is truly nothing better.

More to come on our trip, but for now..

5 Things I'm Loving

Lilac Dress

I brought this dress with me to Boston and wow, it was definitely the MVP of the trip. SO FLOWY and just so much fun to wear. I ordered a size XS, and it was perfect. I actually have the yellow short version (seen here!), and it’s just as fun! 

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Daisy Quilt

I have always been into quilts; my great grandmother made me a few that I just adore and use all the time. So when I came across this vintage Daisy Quilt on Etsy while looking for a beach blanket, I just about FLIPPED OUT. The price is a little too steep for what I need, but I WANT IT SO BAD. Isn’t it just gorgeous?!?!!?

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The Best Body Wash & Lotion

I was so excited to see that my favorite body wash and lotion were included in the Nordstrom sale this year!! I reorder these ALL the time. I’ll definitely be stocking up. 

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$29 Overalls

I’ve been looking for a pair of overalls I can just throw on, and I absolutely LOVE the drawstring waist on these. Overalls that give you a shape?! SIGN ME UP. I ordered them last week and well, I can’t say enough good things about them. 10/10!!

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Heart Sandals

I can’t stop thinking about these sandals. They are a splurge for SURE (less expensive version here), but oh are they cute and they look so comfortable. Perfect for a day of sight-seeing. These are on the tippity top of my wishlist! 

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  1. Yes to the museum inspiration! Escaped to Philadelphia last weekend and walking the halls of an art museum left me so refreshed and in awe.

  2. Ashley, that quilt is almost a twin to one I have that was my grandmother’s. Hers was made in the 1940s so that is probably why the price is what it is.

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