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Ready for the week!

Good morning and happy Monday, friends!

We had the *exact* weekend I was hoping for and I’m so grateful. After the past two months filled to the brim with festivities it was time we really got our life in order. And that’s exactly what we did. Everything from pulling weeds in our yard, planting new flowers, cleaning out and organizing the pantry, grocery shopping, laundry, to working on the nursery design. It was such a productive weekend but also restful… and gosh, I want a million more like it!

Now that I’m well into my 2nd trimester I’m in full on nesting mode. I want EVERY SINGLE nook and cranny of this house cleaned out and organized. It’s hysterical how it just recently set in and I’m on a mission. We tackled some of the kitchen this weekend but over the next few weeks I’m going to have organized every single drawer!

Ashley Brooke's sunglasses coffee, purse and laptop with on table outside cafe in Winter Park

Senreve Bag // Ray-Ban Sunglasses

But my favorite thing we did this weekend was work on the nursery design. We’ve been pulling ideas here and there and already have a couple of items ordered… but the big stuff: paint colors, crib, wallpaper, etc. we hadn’t made decisions on yet. Plus we have to do a little demo in the room, so we need to plan that out as well. We packed up our computers and headed down to one of our favorite little spots in Winter Park to do some planning. It was a dream afternoon!!

*Side Note – I promise to share nursery design stuff as soon as I have samples. I honestly can’t wait!


Anyway, now that I’ve caught you up on the weekend, let’s get into my weekly 5 Things I’m Loving! This might be one of my favorite ones yet! So girly.

Cheers to a great week!

5 Things I’m Loving

Just a few things I can’t get enough of


Vintage Tea Cups

Last week, every morning (except Friday, I took my dad out for birthday coffee! ;)) I posted a little instagram story of my morning espresso shot in one of my fancy tea cups! It was so much fun and honestly one of the highlights of my morning.

I love my little tea cup collection. They are either gifts from neighbors cleaning out their cupboard, treasures from vintage/thrift shop, or Etsy finds.

I currently have my eye on this one. You can’t tell me this wouldn’t make a 6 am wake up call feel a bit brighter?!

Shop Here


The Home Edit at Walmart

When I got the notice that The Home Edit was at Walmart I may have done a little dance.

Last week I quite frankly ordered everything and it came in over the weekend. WE HAD to fix our pantry before this baby gets here. I can’t have him seeing what a disaster it was! ha!! But the organizational refresh has changed my life and worth every penny!

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Velvet Pink Midi Skirt

I scooped up this pink skirt a few weeks ago and I’m smitten. I thought it would be fun as a run up to Valentine’s day and after. But also just comfy cozy!

Would be so cute with a striped t-shirt, a sweater, or button down. I plan on wearing it with all the above, including sneakers!

*Bonus! The waistband is elastic!

Shop Here


Fancy Floral Pajamas

I’ve had my eye on these for a couple of months and to be honest, I just kind of want them. Do I have enough pajamas? YES. But did I tell you that you could monogram them????

I’m a sucker for a fancy pj set.

Get Here


Cream Blush

I’ve been using Iconic’s cream blush almost daily lately and I’m just really into it. I feel like it’s a fresh, happy pop of pink and I love that it’s buildable!

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