Monday Morning Musings | 193

Happy Monday!

I love a fresh start to the week, especially after a *really* fun weekend with family and friends.

On Friday night we made homemade pizza and a big paleo chocolate chip skillet cookie once we both wrapped up work for the day. This has become our new Friday night tradition, I think we’ve done it the last 3 Friday nights, and honestly I look forward to it ALL week. We get cozy, make pizza, and watch a movie… it’s always the best kick off to the weekend!

Saturday was a FULL day of cooking for me, which honestly, I love! I was quite literally making a key lime pie (here’s the recipe!) at 6:30am while drinking my coffee, and I turned to Ryan and said: this is what thriving looks like for me!

We spent the morning at Ryan’s parents house for a big family brunch, just a casual 16 of us… ha! We each brought a fun dish. I had picked up this adorable mini heart shaped waffle maker so I made like 1 million teeny tiny waffles and they turned out so cute! The kids loved them.

side note: highly recommend this $13 waffle maker!

Ashley Brooke's kitchen island with groceries and fresh flowers

After brunch we came back home to prep for a dinner party with some of our best friends! I made Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai, Spring Rolls, Chile-Garlic Edamame, and of course the df/gf Key Lime Pie. Plus Ryan made Boulevardier cocktails! It ended up being such a sweet night. We sat around the table chatting long after the candles burned out, which is honestly my favorite kind of Saturday.

And on Sunday we woke up to *the most* beautiful FREEZING (literally!!) Florida day. I made a big breakfast and then we did all the Sunday things including like, 10 loads of laundry in our fancy new washer and dryer.

Our washer and dryer got delivered late Friday, so I spent a portion of Sunday getting to know my new best friends and I’ve got to tell you I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO EXCITED. I only needed to do one load, but I kept finding random things to wash around the house just because it was so fun, and IT WORKS!! Our old dryer was *so* bad that it would take 3 cycles just to dry towels… so this new set feels like some kind of magic. I’m truly obsessed. I can not WAIT to start washing tiny baby socks. ugh. Talk about heaven.

Okay, so now that I’ve totally caught you up on the weekend happenings, let’s chat about the five things I’m currently loving… including my latest RANDOM amazon obsession!

Hope you enjoy! xx

5 Things I’m Loving

one of everything, please!
Straw tote with pink check bow


The Perfect Tote?

Um, hello. This is adorable! Also, it’s called “The Dolly Rose” tote…. obviously we are soulmates. Love it so much.

Shop Here

White collared sweater


Collared Sweater

I’m 100% a yes on this sweater from HM. Honestly it just looks cozy and chic! LOVE the cut of this one.

Shop Here

Blue and White Linen Napkins


Blue and White Napkins

My girlfriend Emily’s collection with Dillard’s launches today and it’s FULL of feminine florals!

From napkins to dresses… this collection is so fun.

Shop Here

Lace Boho Whilte Blouse


Dainty Ruffles

I scooped up this top last week and I am very very into it! It falls perfectly and has a good flow!

This was *such* a good find!

Shop Here

Shower caddy with adhesive mount


Shower Caddy

I ordered the three tier version of this on a whim last week out of TOTAL frustration with our current set up and WOW did I luck out.

I read the reviews and they were awesome, but guys. This has totally changed everything in our shower. New favorite amazon find, hands down.

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  1. Command hooks!! My daughter turned me on to using them to hold these shower caddies, rather than risk the suction cups letting loose. With super clean tiles, they stick for years!!

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