Monday Morning Musings | 196

Happy Monday!

Well, gosh, this weekend was F-U-N. We kicked it off with dinner at Sixty Vines with friends on Friday night! We’d never been (which is crazy!) but the vibe was so much fun. And I’m always game for getting dressed up for a triple date night.

Ashley Brooke showing baby bump wearing maxi dress her her back yard.

dress linked below!

On Saturday we spent the entire day with friends at Renninger’s Antique Fair in Mount Dora for some treasure hunting. Honestly, we had THE BEST day! Both Ryan were in heaven and haven’t stopped talking about how much fun we had. Plus, we were able to find a dresser for the nursery for a whopping $40, which is what we went there for in the first place! It needs a little love, but I can’t get over our luck. Truthfully, the boiled peanuts, kettle corn, and freshly squeezed lemonade alone was worth the trip.

On Sunday we spent the day resting. We did little things around the house here and there, but for the most part we took it slow, which both the baby and me very much needed! 🙂

Okay, so now that I’ve totally caught you up on the weekend happenings, let’s chat about this week’s five things I’m loving…

Hope you enjoy! xx

5 Things I’m Loving

one of everything, please!



The ladies over at Mulberry & King sent me this dress and I am obsessed with it! And get this, it can also be worn as a skirt. BRILLIANT.

Shop Here


Fabric Journal

I know I shared this on the weekend newsletter (which if you aren’t signed up for, you need to be!), but I can not get over these journals. STUNNING.

Shop Here


The Best Sleep Shirt

Okay, pregnant or not. THIS IS AMAZING. Truly, my new favorite thing to wear. I will be wearing this Larken sleep shirt long after the baby has arrived. It feels like heaven.

Shop Here


Chloé Tote

I’m so annoyed with myself by how much I love this bag. I don’t even own a high-end designer handbag, and I’m really not a logo person, but for some reason I KEEP coming back to this bag. I really love it. Do I need it? NOOOO. Would it be the most impractical diaper bag of all time? YESSSS. Do I think about it more than I should? 100%.

But I mean, it’s very chic… right?!

Budget Alternative

Although after talking with a girlfriend she sent me this link, and I think this bag is FAAAARR more my speed, and what I will likely buy! But if you see me strolling down the street with this Chloé bag as a diaper bag… just blame it on the hormones. Ha!

Shop Here (Budget Here)


Daisy Chain

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. This necklace is so fun! The daisies are ADORABLE! I know it’s backordered until March, but for $48 it’s worth the wait!

Shop Here


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  1. Hi Ashley,
    I bought a very similar night shirt during my pregnancy. It’s the brand Joyaria from Amazon. It’s a bit less expensive and it’s still a beautiful quality. Very comfy! 🙂

  2. Get the Chloe bag; you deserve it. After years of struggling with fertility treatments; we finally were fortunate to adopt my son. My husband insisted that I splurged on the diaper bag and on every other baby outfit, furniture, or gadget. After saving so long for I’ve and adoption; I know it was

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