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Happy Monday!

Hi! I’ve missed you guys. On Thursday I had an all-day shoot in Palm Beach for a product collaboration that I had the pleasure of designing for one of my favorite brands. The collection will be launching in June! We had one day, 7 hours to be exact, to get it ALL done. And somehow, by the grace of God, we did. But oh my gosh it wore. me. out! Shooting solid in the hot sun for 7 hours was quite the feat for this very pregnant lady. But WE DID it and I am so grateful.

I ended up spending the night in Palm Beach that evening which was such a good idea since I could barely keep my eyes open by the end. And I was even able to have a slow morning on Friday by myself which was so nice. I took a long walk on the beach and popped into a few baby shops on Worth Avenue before heading home Friday afternoon.

I spent the majority of the day on Saturday recuperating from the trip! I would do a few loads of laundry, run the dishwasher only to find myself somehow asleep on the couch. Ha! For a non-napper I think Ryan found me asleep around the house maybe 3 different times. Clearly I was wiped.

By Sunday I started to get my energy back, which was so nice, especially since we had plans to celebrate my sister getting her Fine Art Master’s Degree! We did a big family brunch at the Ritz here in town and it couldn’t have been a nicer day. Plus it was just so much fun to celebrate her in such a big way! And later that afternoon I attended one of my best friend’s baby’s birthday party. Is there anything cuter than watching a 1-year-old try to figure out what a birthday cake is?! So much fun!

All of that to say, it was such a sweet weekend but by Thursday night after the shoot I was so bone tired. Also, with all the horrible news that was constantly flooding my social feeds I decided to sign out for the weekend to rest my heart, body, and mind. I felt so hopeless watching the news about Ukraine, not knowing what to do or say, but knowing the best thing I could do was pray. If you are looking a way to do something Save The Children is a great place to get involved or donate.

Okay, so now that I’ve totally caught you up on the weekend happenings, let’s chat about this week’s five things I’m loving…

5 Things I’m Loving

one of everything, please!


Floral Blouse

I just love this floral blouse, so effortlessly Spring! Plus the print is just beautiful!

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Emerald Bracelet

While in Palm Beach this weekend I popped into a few jewelry stores and I totally fell in love with this dainty emerald and Diamond bracelet! It’s a splurge, but I had to share.

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Rose Lemonade

Lemonade is currently ALL I want. I think about it day and night, ha! A few months ago I had rose water lemonade in Atlanta a Flower Child Cafe and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since. I finally found a recipe that you can be sure I’ll be trying ASAP!

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Classic Cover-Up

I just got this cover-up in over the weekend and it is even better in person! Ryan and I are going on a little mini Baby Moon this upcoming weekend and you better believe this will be on repeat!

Use the code: ASHLEYB for $10 toward your next order of $95+ at Summersalt!

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Bow Dress

I ordered this dress in a few sizes up to fit the bump, but oh my GOSH is it fun to wear! Comes in 4 color ways and truly a dream. It’s worth making plans for!

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