Monday Morning Musings | No. 200

I’ve been positively productive!

How did we get to our 200th Monday Morning Musings post?! Crazy to think I’ve written 200 of these, but honestly they are still, even after the 200th one, my favorite post of the week!

Our weekend was wonderful, quiet, and extremely productive, which was exactly what was needed. Last week we moved Ryan’s home office back in with mine, and our first five days in the same 9×10 room with dueling Zoom calls could not have gone better. Truly! It’s crazy what two sets of noise-canceling headphones (his/hers) and a good attitude can do! We still have some rearranging in the room itself that needs to happen, but I’m so thankful it’s been an easy transition thus far.

Ashley in green slip dress

Slip Dress & Sweater (last seen here!) // Sandals c/o // Clutch (similar here) // Necklace

This weekend we continued our theme of organizing and clearing out—especially with all the sweet baby things coming in we have so much that needs to go O-U-T.

Our little bungalow is cozy with *very* little storage, so my motto has been: best, favorite, necessary, or otherwise known as simplified style. And I’m proud of my ruthlessness! I’ve been waiting for that famous pregnancy everything-has-got-to-go nesting mode to kick in, and well, it has officially arrived, and I’m here for it.

My dad and Ryan spent most of the weekend installing and painting new doors—wow, solid-core doors make such a difference! And I still have a handful of cabinets in our kitchen and the big closet to clean out, but I made some serious progress. I tried really hard to not only just simplify the stuff, but create workable systems, which I think will make a big difference in the long run. And since I knew I’d be working on this over the weekend I went ahead and preordered a bunch of cabinet organizing contraptions from Amazon. It was the best thing I could have done!

It was so nice to have places to put things once I had finished the declutter-and-toss process. My favorite finds so far have been these pull-out shelves for under our kitchen sink and these divided pull-out shelves for our glass food containers. I’m still working on total kitchen organization, but I ordered this, too. I think it may be great! Maybe I need to do a dedicated how-I-organize post? Clearly, I’m very invested in this situation!

Besides house work, Ryan and I did sneak out for dinner and ice cream on Friday night once we wrapped work for the week. And somehow snagged two bar seats at Hillstone, my favorite place to spend a night out! We then promptly went to The Green Creamery for vegan ice cream, which was excellent. Such a fun excuse to get dressed up and enjoy each other!

All and all, it was a weekend well spent.

Okay, now that I’ve totally caught you up on our weekend, let’s get into the five things I’m loving right now, because I need you to know about all of them.

5 Things I’m Loving

Obviously In Spring Heaven


Classic White Sneakers

My current go-to leather white sneakers I’ve had for five years, and I wear at least 3 times per week, so they are definitely looking a little worse for wear! When I saw that Margaux launched a white sneaker I INSTANTLY put them on my wish list. I love everything Margaux does!

Shop Here


$39 Blue Floral Dress

My incredibly sweet girlfriends from church are throwing me a baby shower next month and I’m so excited! If there is one thing these women do well, it’s throw a party! I’ve been looking for a dress to wear (but not sure what size I’ll be in a few weeks!) and this one stopped me mid-scroll. Isn’t it beautiful? I may just order it a few sizes up and have it tailored (like I just did!).

Shop Here


Etsy Linens

I know I shared this Etsy shop in my Saturday newsletter (btw, you can sign up here) but guuuuuuyyyyyys look at this daisy tablecloth! It’s SO pretty and comes in all the sizes.

Shop Here


Gold Daisy Coffee Stirring Spoons

My sister found these beautiful daisy coffee stirrers for my baby shower and, of course, I had to scoop up a few for myself. I can’t get over how sweet (and handy!) they are! Plus, they’d make the perfect hostess gift.

Shop Here


Easy Striped Sweater

In my eyes Emerson Fry can do no wrong. I am *loving* every single thing in their latest collection including this sweater. I’m such a sucker for a summer sweater! You can wear it over the shoulders, around your waist, or over a skirt/dress/shorts. Summer sweaters are the literal best.

Shop Here


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