Monday Morning Musings | No. 207

Why, hello!

I’m still on a version of maternity leave, but I just love these Monday posts so much that I thought I’d pop in and say hi! We are having so much fun over here just getting to know our little snuggly guy and every day just gets a little bit sweeter.

If you missed it, yesterday I posted our newborn photos my dad took, and oh my gosh they turned out so sweet. It’s going to be hard not to wallpaper our house in them!

Umbrella Stripe Sunhat

ALSO! This is such an exciting week… the launch of my collection with Sunshine Tienda is going LIVE tomorrow morning and I absolutely cannot wait! I know you are going to *love* these pieces just as much as I do. If you need a refresher on my 8-piece collection, here’s everything you need to know!

There is a floral theme, as you can tell, and really every piece is beyond good. I have been such a fan of Sunshine Tienda for the past few years and I’m just so excited to have a collection of my own… what a dream!

Okay, so now that I’ve totally caught you up on all of the things from babies to hats, let’s get into the five things I’m loving right now…

5 Things I’m Loving

A few new obsessions…


The Best Concealer

This RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up has been my most used (by far!!!) beauty product over the last month. I’ve been seriously leaning into my 5-minute makeup routine these days, and this product is GOOD. I just dab a bit on and you can’t even tell I’ve been up all night. It’s a miracle!

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Little Linen Black Dress

I can’t wait for this dress to come in! I was so excited to see that Hill House launched their Lily dress in a short version. The functional buttons are perfect for this season of my life, and it’s chic, flirty, and classic!

I also ordered the lavender nap dress, because wow, I’ve been wearing my navy one on serious repeat these days!

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The Best (Diaper) Bag

Okay. One month in and we are OBSESSED with our diaper bag. It’s honestly *perfect*… it fits everything and more and is incredibly sturdy. I was so on the fence about it and I cannot even begin to tell you just how much we love it. Truly *so* good! Now I want to order another one just for me, ha!

Also, I have this insert, and it’s a game changer.

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Ember Coffee Mug

So this may just tie with the concealer as everything I need right now… I pulled out my Ember coffee mug and this is going to become my go-to new-mom gift! I had forgotten just *how* good it is. Hot coffee always, it’s a modern marvel! We all need one.

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The Prettiest Locket

We brought Laurens home on Mother’s Day (which will always be my favorite memory of all time) and Ryan had this beautiful locket waiting for me. I haven’t taken it off since, and it honestly makes me want to cry just thinking about it. I have his tiny little photo inside, and it’s all too much for me!

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