Monday Morning Musings | No. 209

The first Father’s Day weekend!

Last week was so full (in the best way!) of both family and friends! Ryan and I each had family in town visiting so we soaked up time with them and even snuck in dinner with some friends, too. And after a big family dinner on Friday night, we coasted through the rest of the weekend!

I attended a bridal shower while Ryan and Laurens had a guys day and other than that, we were home just the four of us. Lots of family naps, walks in the sunshine, baby laundry, and coffee while the afternoon thunderstorms rolled in.

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Even though this weekend felt slow and steady, I was so excited to be able to celebrate Ryan on Sunday! The day felt so special and sweet. Laurens and I crafted him his first Father’s Day card, complete with a tiny footprint, made cinnamon vanilla pancakes, and had a brand new Kindle all wrapped up waiting for him. As a dad Ryan is truly just the greatest ever and so it was easy to celebrate him.

Okay, now that I’ve totally caught you up on our weekend, let’s get into the five things I’m loving right now…

5 Things I’m Loving

A few new obsessions…


Bag Obsession

Guys… how cute is this bag?! I’ve been so into fun little bags lately (this one I carry everywhere) and I can’t get over how cute this floral one is. It would bring a dose of happy to any look!

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Unbreakable Hair Clip

Teleties just launched their latest product (the unbreakable hair clip!) and oh my gosh, I love it! I’m such a fan of the claw clip, but this one actually feels STURDY. I honestly think I could work out in it (not that I’m ready to do that quite yet!) and my hair wouldn’t move. This is the summer accessory we *all* need.

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Photo Printer

I ordered this little photo printer a few weeks ago when I started working on Laurens’s baby book and I am so glad I did! It’s so nice to have the photos immediately, and not wait around for them… I didn’t realize how much I would love it! I’ve been printing like crazy and it feels like the old days of scrapbooking. I’m all in!

Also, I think this would make such a fun gift. It’s perfect for all those iPhone photos we never know what to do with!

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Family Looks

Have you seen the new-ish collection that Old Navy has for family coordinating outfits?! It’s BRILLIANT and just so fun. I ordered Ryan and Laurens matching button-downs for the July 4th holiday weekend!

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Simplified pad


The Best Notepads

I know I’ve talked about these notepads before, but if you haven’t ordered them yet, you need to. I’m just so into them! Ryan and I have started having family meetings on Sunday evenings to go over our schedules, to-do’s, etc. for the week ahead and we use this notepad. He has the navy and I have the light blue. We are truly the biggest fans!

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