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Low Key & Lovely

We had a very simple low key weekend and it was lovely. My parents came over on Saturday afternoon and my mom helped me start (yes, start, I have a LONG way to go) cleaning out my closet. It’s one of those tasks where I just need an extra pair of eyes, plus I trust her to tell me if I look hideous in something or not! We had the best time goofing off in the closet for a few hours on Saturday and by the time she left we had finished going through all my dresses… like I said, it’s going to be a process! Ryan and I also grilled up our famous homemade pizzas, which is a weekend tradition of ours that we try to never miss. And on Sunday we stayed home from church (too many germs during treatment) and pretty much remained in our PJs until it was time to shower and put on new ones. We each finished the books we’d been working on. Mine, Love & Gelato, and his, I’ll Push You, and watched France win the World Cup. It was a dreamy Sunday, to say the least! 


5 Things I’m Loving

1. Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee – We’ve been spending a lot of time at home since Ryan started his chemo treatments last Wednesday, which means we are finally getting the chance to try out some new shows! Last Thursday night we started Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee on Netflix and it had the two of us laughing so hard we couldn’t stand it. It’s definitely worth watching! So funny.

2. Lake Pajamas – I have literally been LIVING in these pajamas.  They are unbelievably comfortable and worth every single penny, I promise. I’m thinking I need to now order this robe and this set as well. I’m serious ladies, if you are a PJ freak like me, these will change your life! 

3. Soft Recovery Cone – This thing cracks me up every single time I look at it! Dolly is getting fixed tomorrow morning and I ordered her this soft cone to wear while she recovers and, selfishly, I can’t wait to see her wear it! Too cute right!?

4. Coral Wrap Dress – I can’t stop thinking about this pretty coral wrap dress…Thinking it needs to be mine ASAP! Anyone having a mid-summer evening cocktail party they can invite me to, because this would be perfect! 

5. GF DF Chocolate Chip Cookies – I picked up this box of chocolate chip cookie mix over 4th of July weekend. Ryan flipped over them, and honestly, so did I! They are SO easy to make and so delicious that I’ve started adding them to my weekly grocery list. Enjoy!

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  1. Look for “inflatable protective dog collar” on Google. We used this on our dog when he was neutered and it was so much better than a cone. It’s reminiscent of an airplane pillow for adults. Very comfy for the dog and so much easier for them to maneuver in than a cone (watching our dog crash into things was so sad!).

  2. How fun that you had some Mom time! Isn’t that the best? My husband loves that Netflix show! Good luck with Dolly tomorrow, and sending lots of prayers during your husbands chemo!

    • Karly!! Thank you so much for your sweet note and well wishes! Means so much! Also, yes. Mom time is the BEST!

  3. My mom’s puppy is getting fixed on Friday, and I immediately just ordered one those cones haha, I got the cow one! SO CUTE!

    • Oh, my gosh HOW funny, Sammy! I’m so glad you ordered one too… they are the cutest! You’ll have to keep me updated on how it works!

  4. How do the Lake pajamas fit? I think they look so cute on a flatlay but, they seem like the top would be so boxy on, which has prevented me from purchasing them thus far. Thoughts?

    • Okay, so to be completely honest they aren’t the most flattering PJs you will ever put on, definitely box, but I promise you will not care one bit. THEY are amazing!! I have a size small set and they are perfect.

    • Really?! I love hearing that! We will 100% have to look up the Jim Gaffigan one, thanks for the tip! xx

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