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Our weekends have been low key as of late, and I don’t hate it one bit! Unfortunately, the circumstances stink, but we are definitely making more than the most of it with slow mornings with novels and coffee, afternoon naps, and evenings snuggled up on the couch watching movies. Honestly, it’s kind of ideal in my opinion! I love being home with Ryan and Dolly, so I’m definitely treasuring these weekends and wish they were longer. 


5 Things I’m Loving:

1. Love & Luck – I finished Love & Gelato last weekend and immediately bought Jenna Evans Welch’s second book, Love & Luck! So far it’s just as good as good as her first one. Can’t get enough of these adorable books… I wish there was a third!

2. Mama Mia! – Ryan had never seen Mama Mia and I am dying to see the sequel that came out this weekend, so I convinced him on Friday night to watch the original with me! He loved it (or at least he pretended really well!) and now the sequel is next on my to-do list! Did you see it this weekend?!

3. Silk Floral Scarf – I’m super into scarves and I spotted this one on sale over the weekend. I’m thinking it may need to come home with me ASAP! Isn’t it stunning?! I think it would be perfect with a pair of dark denim, ballet flats, and a crisp white button up

4. Rodial Vit C Pads – I tried out these Vit. C Pads on Friday afternoon during my “lunch break facial” and I fell in love! I’ve been using them morning and night for the past 3 days now and I love the glow I’m getting. Have you tried this brand?! They have so many great products I’m just now leaning about!

5. Lilly Pulitzer & GOOP: I realize I’m SUPER late to the game here with the LPxGOOP collab, but wow is it pretty! I love this maxi dress and can imagine sipping cocktails at the breakers in it all Summer long!

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  1. Just watched the trailer of Mama Mia! and I now I want to see the sequel too, it must be funny!
    I’m such a fan of Vitamin C, but I didn’t know about this brand, I’d like to try their products on! Also, I got curious to read Love & Gelato, I’ve seen many girls on Instagram talking about this book, is Love & Luck the sequel of the first book? ❤

    Have an amazing week, Ashley!

    Jessica | New post:
    Instagram @ what_to_style

    • Hi Jessica!

      I know me too, can’t wait to see it! And YES Vitamin C is everything!

      Also, Love & Luck isn’t a sequel it’s just a second book and it’s adorable!

      xo – AB

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