Monday Morning Musings | No. 225

It was a happy little weekend…

Hi! Happy Monday to you! I was joking with a friend recently about our weekends, and that we’ve officially hit the point in our lives that feel exactly like the quote from the movie Old School (Remember that movie?!)… “Well, um, actually it’s a pretty nice little Saturday, we’re going to go to Home Depot, and yeah, buy some wallpaper, maybe get some flooring, stuff like that. Maybe Bed, Bath, & Beyond, but I don’t know, I don’t know if we’ll have enough time.” Ha! Lately that’s what every weekend has been feeling like, and truthfully, I’m not mad about it.

We did very little this weekend that would be considered *exciting* to most, but to us, it was wonderful! We had a breakfast date on Saturday morning and visited with friends, then my in-laws stopped by in the afternoon, and then another set of friends and their little ones came over for dinner. We ate burgers around the kitchen island and roasted s’mores in the backyard (here’s how we built our fire pit area!). On Sunday we had family photos at my parents for their Christmas card, took naps, went to my sister’s for coffee (here’s her famous recipe), and was home in time for bedtime routine!

Currently we are in one of those seasons where life is just cozy and kind of normal. We’ve officially (I think!) settled into to being parents and since the weekdays just feel so crazy, we’ve been savoring our weekends together as much as possible.

Okay, now that I’ve caught you up on our very normal, but super sweet weekend, let’s get into the five things I’m loving right now…

5 Things I’m Loving

A few new obsessions…


Chic Charging Station

My phone is always dead! It’s an ongoing problem, and I am the absolute worst at charging it. But I think something like this chic little charging station would really help. It’s just plain pretty, right?!

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Fun Travel Accessory

How sweet are these cosmetic cases?! Perfect for traveling or to throw in your tote bag… and I also love how you can personalize them as well. These would make such a great gift!

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Our New Highchair

On Sunday evening we officially unboxed our highchair and it felt like such a moment. Ah! I can’t believe we are already at the highchair stage of life. It’s just so sweet and Laurens LOVES sitting in it.

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Go-to Fall Coat

I love the brand Velvet and I have a few pieces in my closet from them, but I’m really into this cozy reversible sherpa jacket! It looks like the kind of jacket you would reach for all season long!

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Beautiful Iron (!) Wreath

I can’t get over these iron wreaths, they are truly so beautiful! I find myself keep coming back to look again and again, seriously can’t get over the materials… they are just so stunning.

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  1. I would love to see your closet. Knowing you it’s full of wonderful clothes and accessories! My closet has very limited storage. I wondered how you organize your closet and jewelry and bathroom products!?!

  2. You recently asked about content ideas – so I have to ask – how do you organize your beautiful wardrobe??
    You have the most gorgeous clothing! Where & how do you keep all of it? My closet has always been a struggle. Feel like so many are pushing capsule wardrobes & minimalism.
    How do you organize & store your clothes, purses, shoes & jewelry?

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