Monday Morning Musings | No. 235

The celebrations continue…

We had a big weekend! My grandmother turned 90 (!!!) and we threw her a fancy party with drinks, dinner, and dancing, exactly what she wanted. When we started chatting about what to do for her big birthday, she said, “We need a party!” So that’s exactly what she received!

It was such a sweet night celebrating our favorite lady with all of our family and close friends. Plus, watching all of the little cousins on the dance floor breaking out all the moves was quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long while, (you can see over on my Stories!). Laurens had a blast, staying up far past his bedtime and was happy as a little clam partying the night away celebrating his Great Grandma Betty with lots of clapping and squealing!

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pop-up tent ($40 coupon on amazon!) // Fortessa wine glasses (ASHLEYBROOKE20 for 20% off!) // sippy cup // outdoor blanket

After such a fun Saturday, we took Sunday slow with church and a homemade brunch with Ryan’s family. Then we wrapped the night up with a little pre-dinner picnic in our backyard! We even broke out our new pop-up tent (we are obsessed!), a bottle of wine, and the good olives!

It was for sure a weekend we will remember forever. So grateful for the opportunity to celebrate and there was no better way to kick off the year. My hope for all of us is that this year is full of celebrating the people we love… making more time for parties, the big ones and the small ones!

Now, let’s get into the five things I’m loving right now…

5 Things I’m Loving

A few new obsessions…


The most perfect lady jacket

I cannot handle J.Crew’s new arrivals, so fresh and fun! I even linked a big round-up over in my LTK. But I’ dying over this color. Stunning right?! It’s a cardigan! It’s a jacket! It’s perfect!

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My always and forever

I saw someone say online that they are currently “in their blush era” and I had to laugh, I’m never not in my blush era. I’m obsessed and have been wearing it since kindergarten when I would cry GIANT crocodile tears until my mom would let me dab a tiny bit on. My best friend still talks about the time we first met in K-5 and I was wearing blush… and nothing has changed! All of that to say, this blush is SO GOOD. (I wear color “she’s that girl” and give it five stars!)

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Refresh Ready

I feel like our living room is in desperate need of a refresh. There’s nothing wrong with it, I’ve just been looking at it for too long. I would like to get new pillows, drapes, and call me crazy… but chairs?! I’ve been pillow shopping and I love everything from Brooke & Lou (so many things from our nursery are from B&L!) especially these sweet pillows.

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Everything I’ve Always needed

Wait! Did all of our bring your own salad dreams finally, finnnnalllllyyy come true?! This is what we’ve been needing in our lives all these years. Either I’ve been living under a rock and this has existed for sometime or I just discovered the greatest lunch invention of all time… $19 and it will change lives.

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Making Birthday Extra Sparkly

I spotted these over the holidays and made a mental note to order them later. Laurens turned 8 months on Saturday and I cannot get over it. SO. BIG. I’m by no means interested in planning his 1st birthday party anyyyyy time soon and am currently willing time to stop, but I do want to scoop up a set of these silver birthday candle holders so that we will be able to use them every year for our family’s birthdays. I think it would be such a sweet tradition!

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