Monday Morning Musings | No. 246

We had ourselves a weekend…

Well, we made up for last weekend’s movie-marathon-never-leaving-the-house situation this weekend with all the things! Ryan and I snuck out on Friday night for a little date at our favorite, Hillstone (this is what I wore, on super sale!). We had an 8:30pm reservation, but got there at 6:30pm and promptly found a seat at the bar… such a fun night just the two of us catching up on the week, and truthfully just talking about how much we love Laurens the entire time! Apparently it’s our new normal.

dress // bag // earrings (similar here)

On Saturday we put our helmets on bright and early and biked to coffee, which felt like a dream. It’s one of those things I’d always wished for, Saturday morning bike rides as a family, and now it’s here! WILD. Laurens is obsessed with his little seat and doesn’t mind his helmet one bit, which makes the whole thing super fun.

We then spent the afternoon in the backyard just playing in the grass, it was such a beautiful afternoon! Once naps were had all around Ryan and I got dressed up (this is what I wore, also on sale!) and headed out to a really fun live-auction fundraising event. We had the best time catching up with SO many friends and truly, I love any excuse to dress up. Plus, bidding is *thrilling*!

And on Sunday after church (I wore the $30 Walmart sweater I shared in Saturday’s newsletter) we stopped for coffee and snacks then headed home for the full Sunday reset.

Felt like we did all the things, saw all the people, and really packed in the family time. Such a wonderful weekend!

*Note!!! Friday at 3pm EST I’ll be going LIVE on Instagram with Abbey Glass to chat about our collection. I’d love for you to tune in and of course, if you have any questions… feel free to bring them! I’m so looking forward to it.

Okay, now that I’ve totally caught you up on our weekend, let’s get into the five things I’m loving right now…

5 Things I’m Loving

A few new obsessions…


$35 Walmart Dress

Honestly I have found so many fun finds at Walmart lately (hello, this sweater!) and this yellow dress is no exception. So sweet, right?!

Shop Here


Pearl Handbag

I’m always pulling out my pearl handbag from a few years ago (here’s the this year’s version) so when I saw this pearl rattan bag for under $100 I loved it immediately. I feel like it would go with EVERYTHING.

Shop Here


Cutest Swim Trunks!

Laurens starts swim lessons today, and I am so excited! And, of course, he’s out grown a lot of his little trunks but these are SUCH great quality and I have a few. SO darn cute! But we also have and love these too that are under $10.

Shop Here


Baby/Toddler Smoothie Cups

I just ordered these last night and I’m really excited for them to come in. Ryan and I make smoothies every morning for breakfast and Laurens is always so intrigued by them! So I thought we could make a baby-friendly version and put them in these. I’m going to bring it to his swim lesson today so he has breakfast as soon as he finishes class!

Shop Here


New Sweatpants

I have been on the hunt for a new pair of sweatpants and I found them! I have an olllld pair (that I’ve worn since college), and I just love them but it’s time. I wanted COMFY and semi-decent looking and guys, these are it. Totally oversized, but in the best way. L-O-V-E them. Will 1000% be my most worn item.

Shop Here


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