Monday Morning Musings | No. 254

Officially summer, right?!

I’m claiming it… we are officially in summer mode. This past weekend just *felt* like summer, in the BEST way possible. The temperatures are spiking, the days are just feeling a bit more free, and I’m ready for it. I was chatting with a friend yesterday about how excited I am for my first real season of “summer mom”!

Last year I had fresh new baby, so we spent the summer months enjoying the sunshine in the shade and snuggling through afternoon thunderstorms, which was actual heaven. But this year we are on the MOVE and just fully into all things f-u-n. We were sitting on the back porch eating watermelon after spending the afternoon eating pizza with friends and in between splashes on our water table and I just could help but relish in the start of our first kid summer. It really is so good.

Anyway, all of that to say, I’m ready for this season, so let’s get into the five things I’m loving right now…

5 Things I’m Loving

A few new obsessions…


Gingham Bikini

I have a red and black bikini (see here) from J.Crew in this style and I love them… simple and classic. But this gingham one is just too much fun and perfect for Memorial Day! It just came in and I can’t wait to wear next weekend.

Also, this matching cover-up skirt is TOO CUTE.

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$35 Candy Stripe Dress

This red and white striped dress from H&M is just so good and the price is kind of unbeatable! Such a fun find for a festive weekend of backyard bbq parties all summer long.

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Beach Cabana

We are heading to the beach next weekend and I’ve been eyeing this cabana! We have this umbrella that we use almost daily in our backyard (see here) and it’s GREAT for the beach, but we need a little more shade and I think this might do the trick! It’s less expensive than the others like it and the reviews look stellar! I may just Prime it and see how it goes…

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Classic Pie Dish

This classic pie dish just screams summer to me. I love this so much, and it’s on super sale! Currently under $30. My sister made a blueberry pie last week that was insane and now I can’t stop thinking about summer pies! I need to break out my favorite gf/df crust recipe and get in the kitchen ASAP!

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American Flag Baby Shorts

These are our very favorite shorts! We have them in a few color ways (see here) but I just had to scoop up these for all the fun summer holidays! Can’t wait to break them out this week.

Also, I did a round up of baby and toddler boy clothes last week if you are looking for a little refresh!

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