Monday Morning Musings | No. 279

Happy Monday and Thanksgiving week to you! I hope you are off to a festive start, we certainly are over here! And actually, I feel like I’m already in full vacation mode. I have a few things to do to close out the week, but I’ve got one foot in and one foot out, ha!

This past weekend was so sweet… we kicked it off with our first ever family movie night. Somehow I realized that I’ve never seen Polar Express and given the trains we figured it would be a big hit with Laurens, and oh my gosh it was. For the child who is always so very busy he sat riveted through the entire movie. Definitely a core memory!

We did a big pancake breakfast (I made my famous cinnamon vanilla nutmeg pancakes!), later Ryan and I snuck out for a date night and some Christmas shopping, and on Sunday we celebrated Thanksgiving with my family! Thirty-six people, so much fun, a million things to be grateful for, and wayyy too much food. We had the very *very* best time.

After everyone left we got cozy in our pjs and just sat around the living room chatting about the day… before of course going back in the kitchen for round two! I’m getting ready to head back home from my parents but, gosh it’s been so sweet. I love Thanksgiving and there is nothing quite like waking up at home.

Now… I’ve got to get ready for Ryan’s family’s Thanksgiving, so back to the grocery store we go! Happy Monday, friend!

P.S. All the best Black Friday sales here in one place, and we are keeping it up-to-date as they roll out! I’m also noting what I own and what’s in my cart to help you sort through it all.

Now let’s get into my five favorite things….

5 Things I’m Loving

A few fun things I’m loving right now…


Holiday PJ Time!

I just texted my sister-in-law about these Nutcracker pajamas for her three little girls! The Lake everything sale is happening and everything is 25% off! Such a good time to order for the holidays!

Shop Here


New Garland

I was influenced by my sister on this one! We typically buy fresh garland for our entertainment center each year, but I kind of have a love/hate relationship with it. After seeing this garland at my sister’s house I ordered it IMMEDIATELY (two 9′ pieces)… it looks so unbelievably real.

Shop Here


Special Holiday Outfits

You know how I feel about an overall/suspender situation! Laurens wore this on Sunday for Thanksgiving round one and will be wearing it again for Thanksgiving round two, because it is precious. But have no fear, I am already on the hunt for our special Christmas outfit and so far this is winning!

Shop Here


Tuckernuck Sale – OMG!

Tuckernuck is on fire right now! Some of my recent favorite fancy looks are here and here! But I love this sale because it’s up to 30% off and a great time to stock up on basics and fun pieces like this sweater… obsessed.

Shop Here


The *Only* Holiday Candle

Well, I can tell you first hand that the Ralph Lauren holiday candle smells like a classic Christmas dream. But after Annie Meyers-Shyer (Nancy Meyers’ daughter!) told us all in NY Magazine last week that it was THE holiday candle… I ordered it immediately. Because truthfully, she is right.

Shop Here


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