Monday Morning Musings | No. 286

It was the actual coziest weekend…

We had such a fun and cozy weekend at home! The temperature here in Florida has seriously dropped, so we finally got a taste of real cold and it was a *delight* (real sweater weather for us!). We spent as much time as possible outside on walks or basking in the crisp sunshine (see here, ha!). This weekend was my ideal weather situation to be honest, so I was in HEAVEN.

We did a few fun things like a fun dinner out at Superica on Friday night… it was delicious by the way, you definitely need to go! We visited with family that was in town on Saturday morning, and I also managed to bake a fresh batch of banana bread. I also made a good dent in my book (on here)! And after church on Sunday the three (four, including Dolly!) of us snuggled up to watch Toy Story (complete with popcorn), then we headed out on a 3-mile walk, rounding out the evening with a cozy fire in the backyard. A sweet and simple weekend.

Nothing super notable, but also, it all felt very special. This season of a very curious toddler is just so much fun!

Anyway, now that I’ve caught you up on all the things, let’s dive into a few of my current faves…

5 Things I’m Loving

A few fun things I’m loving right now…


Little Pink Dress

This is the prettiest little pink dress! It reminds me of one I scooped up over Christmas in a very similar silhouette and I’ve got to tell you, it’s good! This is a great outfit for work, school events, brunch with girlfriends, and everything in between!

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Tonies or Bust

We are so very into our Tonies Box, it is truly the gift that keeps on giving! Our current favorite is We’re Going On A Bear Hunt and it’s the sweetest. The narration is beautiful and just an overall lovely listening experience. I’ve heard really great things about the Paddington one, so I just ordered it for Laurens for Valentine’s Day.

Here’s a full round-up of everything toddler we are loving right now!

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The Best Layering T-shirt

I went in-depth on why this shirt is so good on Instagram Stories last week (I also posted a TikTok about it if you want a full review!), but this white t-shirt is amazing. I like wearing a shirt under my sweaters and I have been searching for a WHILE for just the right thing, and this is it.

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Fancy Accessories

Anytime I share my Lizzie Fortunato earrings I get a million questions about them, she makes the best jewelry! Fun, different, and somehow classic. I love these pink earrings and they are currently burning a hold in my cart. I may just order them as a little early Valentine’s Day gift to myself! (These would be a good heart day pair, too!)

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Detox Shampoo

I bought this shampoo last week and I am here to tell you, FIVE STARS. I use so many of Living Proof’s products so I had high hopes to begin with and and I’m to tell you, this shampoo is really great. My hair felt so clean, healthy, and not at all stripped after using this. Seriously, a new shower staple for me!

And this is the best dry shampoo that I swear by!

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