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Slow Days

We spent the weekend recovering from Ryan’s last chemo treatment, which also happened to be his hardest yet. Even though we haven’t left the house since Thursday we made the most of it by movie marathons, big breakfasts, long walks, and visitors! 

One of my girlfriends showed up with celebratory champagne and ice cream, another brought over a cookie cake that read with icing “Happy Last Chemo Day”, and my sister and brother-in-law came over on Saturday night with dinner and laughs. It ended up being a really very special (albeit hard) weekend. 

During these weekends at home, I always consult my staycation idea list. It works every time. I was on the phone with a girlfriend on Saturday afternoon and she asked if I was going crazy, feeling like I was under house arrest… and I laughed because honestly, I’m not… I’ve mastered the art of the long weekend at home. Although I am looking forward to new adventures soon, I’m trying my best to do this season well and soak up these long weekends together. 

P.S. I know I put this Toasted Coconut Oatmeal Bake recipe (featured in the above photo) up on Instagram stories 2x’s over the weekend, but it is honestly SO. GOOD. Please tell me you’ll try it! 


The best mascara

I’ve been using this mascara for ages and every single time I wear it I think to myself, “gosh this is good mascara”. Plus it’s under $15! 

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Bow Blouse

How pretty is this blouse?! I just ordered it and I can not wait to wear it this Fall! I love the bow details and you can’t beat the $39 price point!

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Pumpkin Hummus

Sign. Me. Up. Putting this recipe on my “Must Try List” ASAP! Have you ever had pumpkin hummus?! I can’t imagine it would be anything other than divine!

Recipe Here

Chic Black Bag

I’m obsessed with this gold handled black bag. Not only is it gorgeous, but it’s under $50. I think we all need it! 

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New Read

I finished the novel Rush over the weekend.  It was so good and I highly recommend it! I had already ordered this one and had it waiting for me… I just started reading it, but so far so good! 

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  1. You have a knack for making the ordinary into something special! And you’re so blessed that your hubby can eat on these chemo recovery weekends.

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