Ashley Brooke - 5 Things I'm Loving
Ashley Brooke - 5 Things I'm Loving - v

Need One More Day!

We crammed so much work into Friday and Saturday that by the time Sunday rolled around we CRASHED. Ryan is starting to feel a little more like himself every day since his last chemo treatment over two weeks ago, so we got a little nuts and went overboard on the activities… can you blame us?!

With Ryan’s radiation starting in a couple of weeks we definitely squeezed in as much fun and work as possible. On Saturday night we even had a shoot where we incorporated a few friends.  It ended up being such a sweet evening in our backyard under the twinkle lights, eating pumpkin pie and sipping wine!

The weekend really did fly by and I so wish we had just one more day to actually lounge and watch Hallmark movies in our pajamas (sigh)… but there’s always next weekend! 😉

5 Things I’m Loving

Favorite Comfy Sweater

My favorite comfy sweater from Shopbop is back this year and I’m so pumped for you guys to get it! I bought it back in January of last year (in black and in white) and wore the heck out of them! SUCH a good buy. They come in tons of colors and I can’t recommend them enough. 

Also, if you’ve never shopped on Shopbop, here’s what it’s all about. It’s a lot like Nordstrom, just all online. They’ve also partnered with Amazon Prime so you can get FREE 2-day shipping & returns and the checkout process is like heaven.

Shop Here

New Book 

I finished Limelight on Friday night and loved it! Such a fun, light read. Over the weekend after browsing my amazon “Saved For Later” list I bought The Futures! I’ve been wanting to read this one for a while now, so I’ll keep you updated. 

Shop Here

Foundation Buy

I broke down and ordered the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation over the weekend. I feel kind of guilty about it because the price point is so high, but I have heard SO many good things that I just can’t ignore it anymore.

Stand by for a full recap on wether it’s worth the hefty price point and if we all need to switch to the GA…

Shop Here

Podcast Fave: The Glossy

I’m always on the lookout for a new podcast and lately I’ve been very into The Glossy! Have you listened to it yet?! Ryan and I have been listening to them in the car and we really love it. It’s kind of like NPR’s How I Built This, but for fashion, beauty, and luxury industries. Give it a listen, I think you will really enjoy it! 

Shop Here

Thanksgiving Ideas

Guys, look at this epic cheese plate! I can’t have dairy (I get SO sick!) but OMG does this look good! Also, what a fun idea for a Friends-giving party potluck! Obsessed. 


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