Ashley Brooke | Fall Weekend
Ashley Brooke | Fall Weekend v

Weekend Dreamer

Guys, again, why did Monday come so fast?! I feel like I was just dreaming about the weekend and now it’s over! We did not pace ourselves this weekend and crammed (once again) SO much in and loved every second of it — until we crashed on Sunday night! 


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Over the weekend we saw A Star is Born.  So gooooood, but bring a box of tissues… I cried like a baby! We stopped by The Hourglass Social and crossed #2 off my November bucket list. We brunched, ran ALL the errands, shot three fun holiday outfits, and painted and reorganized our home office. I mean seriously, we kind of did all the things. Ryan is getting his energy back little by little and we are soaking up every last bit of it – clearly! We probably should slow down a bit and not wear him out, but honestly, we are having too much fun! 

The biggest and most time consuming thing we worked on this weekend was our office. Ryan painted it a creamy white (same as our Master Bedroom) and it brightened the whole thing up in a serious way! We’ve been dying to change the dreary gray for ages and we just got a bee in our bonnet this weekend and couldn’t be stopped. As soon as the paint dried we took giant hefty bags (2 in total!) and did a ruthless decluttering. It felt SO good and I am so obsessed with our new bright and organized space. 

Even though we didn’t stop this weekend it was definitely one for the books and I’m already looking forward to next Friday!


5 Things I’m Loving 

Striped Mockneck T-shirt (30% off)

How cute is this mini-turtleneck striped top? I’m so obsessed with the ribbed look this season and at 30% off, it’s a steal! Plus, HOW cute would it look tucked into your favorite high-waisted denim?!

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Minus Serum

Okay, I’ve been testing out this product for the last week… and guys I think it’s working. My skin feels tighter and glowier! Also, I love the way it tingles when you first apply the product.  It may just be for effect but it makes me feel like it’s actually doing something. I’ll keep testing it out and report back, but so far… totally worth the buy! 

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Slingback Pumps

Um, hello, are these not the cutest?! It’s like a pump and a loafer had a baby and I’m obsessed! They are actually really affordable which is making me want to order the black ones too! eeek! 

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Velvet Hangers

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that these are the world’s best hangers. I cleaned out my closet 2 weeks ago and donated 2 giant hefty bags worth of clothing.  Apparently I’m a hoarder. But while I was cleaning I rediscovered my love for these hangers. I seriously love them so much! They take up the least amount of room in my closet, meaning more clothes will fit (whoop!), plus you can even buy these little clips for your skirts. Can’t say enough good things about these!

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Bullet Journal Method

Penguin sent me an advanced copy of The Bullet Journal Method a few weeks ago. Ryan picked it up as soon as it came in and hasn’t put it down! He’s claiming that it has “changing everything” and I can’t wait to read it when he’s done! Have you read it?

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