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Our Door Holiday Decor | www.ashleybrookedesigns.com 2

“It Needs To Look Like Christmas”

… I think it’s safe to say we have officially accomplished that. I’ve been walking around the past few weeks talking about our decor and saying, “we need more tinsel, we need more ribbon, it needs to look like Christmas!”  Well, I feel like my wish has been granted. Christmas has most definitely exploded in our house. 

By the time Friday rolled around we had finished the inside decorations and over the weekend we knocked out our outdoor decor. Our house now looks like it popped right out of a Hallmark movie and I could not be any more obsessed. NOTHING makes me happier than Christmas decorations. 

I will definitely be doing a post with more details on our decor, but if you are interested in our wreathes and garland, you absolutely must check out The Magnolia Company, they are the best of the best! 

Lacquer Magnolia Wreath

I can’t begin to tell you HOW excited I am about our outdoor holiday decor this year, it may just be our best year yet. Last year we had a similar setup with our wreathes and  garland, but this year we really knocked it out of the park! We got smart and ordered the lacquered magnolia wreaths to get more than one season out of them! The lacquered wreaths last several years and are worth every single penny! They are truly SO beautiful. 

Shop Here

Block Heel Mules

I am so obsessed with these shoes. I ordered them on Cyber Monday on kind of a whim after a girlfriend texted to let me know they had gone on mega sale.  Honestly, they are so cute and comfortable that I now want to order them in black too! Plus, they are currently under $50! You need them. 

Notes: these run true to size, and I’m serious about the comfort… you’ll wear them non-stop!

Shop Here

Pink Puffer Jacket

I ordered this jacket for a campaign I’m working on with Lands’ End and it has now become my favorite jacket! It’s lightweight, cozy, and the color is perfect. Plus, Lands’ End’s sales this season have been out of control! I can already tell that this jacket will be a staple in my suitcase all winter! 

Notes: I ordered it in an XS and have plenty of room for a sweater! Also, it’s currently super sale! 

Shop Here

Make-Up Mirror

On Friday morning over on Instagram stories I shared that I recently picked up a new make up mirror and that it is changing my life! Not only does my make up look significantly better (I can actually see now!) but the cordless situation makes me so happy. Do yourself a favor and pick this up, it will be the best $39 you ever spent! 

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The Primer I’m Loving

I’ve been having primer issues as of late. I’m not sure what was going on, but my primer was getting cake-y/grainy (ick!) under my foundation. I tried a few different kinds and wasn’t loving any of them until I stumbled across this one from Origins. I will absolutely be buying this one again when I run out. It’s a new staple in my make up drawer for sure. 

Notes: this primer is more like a mousse and comes out of the can freezing cold! It’s weird to get used too, but once you do, you will love! Pinky promise!

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