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Spring Fever

This past weekend felt like a Spring dream! Over the past few months Ryan and I have been easing back into gardening with a few potted plants here and there for our back porch, but nothing major. Just a hydrangea here, and a geranium there. We had been waiting to get the official all-clear from the doctor before we really got our hands dirty, and we got the green light! 

As a celebration and gift our sweet neighbor and longtime family friend, Marilyn, took Ryan and I on what she deemed a “Garden Party”! On Saturday morning she picked us up and took us to the Winter Park Farmer’s Market on an official, “let’s get your yard back in shape” mission. Marilyn knows pretty much everything there is to know about gardening, so she helped us pick out trees, flowers, and shrubs to bring our back yard to life. I’m still not sure how we fit SO many plants in her car, but somehow we managed it! Ryan and I spent the rest of the weekend potting plants, landscaping, and re-routing drip lines to get our yard back to life.  I can’t tell you how rewarding it was! I love the inside of our house, I really do, but in all honesty, I just want to sit outside all day now. It’s our little slice of heaven. 

We still have tons more to do. Ryan has so many ideas for our little space (he’s the genius behind it all, see here) but for now, it’s perfect! 

5 Things I’m Loving:

Pretty Watering Can

I ordered this watering can on Sunday afternoon and I cannot wait for it to come in! I have a larger watering can, but for some of our smaller plants I needed something a bit more practical and precise! I found this one and couldn’t beat it for $21!

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The Best Pants

I’m so obsessed with these pants. I featured them last Thursday here, and honestly I can’t say enough great things about them. They are going to become my new go-to uniform this Spring and Summer, especially on trips to the beach. The fabric and fit is seriously amazing. It’s like wearing pajama pants all day… but WAY better. 

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The Straw Backpack

Okay, how cute is this?! I found this adorable straw backpack (under $50!) on Etsy over the weekend and I am freaking out of the cuteness. Just think how adorable you’d be at the beach, farmer’s market, or you kiddo’s soccer game with this in tow. I’m obsessed. 

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The Prettiest Top

I ordered this top from the Shopbop sale last week and it came in over the weekend! Guys, in real life it is even prettier. I’m so into it. I think it will be adorable paired with my white wide-leg denim

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Slide Obsession

I’m working on a fun project with J.McLaughlin and they sent over these cork slides. It was love at first step! RUN do not walk, over to their site and order these ASAP. I promise you these will be the shoes you wear all season long. So comfortable and true to size! 

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  1. I’m heading to the WP farmer’s market this weekend and seriously can’t wait to see all the flowers! The photos on your IG story got me so excited 🙂 Happy spring!

    briana |

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