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Easter Weekend

We had the fullest Easter weekend of ALL time. Seriously. On Friday some of Ryan’s family came into town for the weekend so I got the chance to have a coffee date with Bradley, my bff and sister-in-law. Fun fact, we were besties long before Ryan and I ever started dating, so it’s so fun that she’s now my sister for life. Ryan comes from a giant family, he’s one of 8 (7 boys, 1 girl. OMG!), meaning it’s very rare that I get one-on-one time with anyone.  It was such a lovely afternoon!

On Saturday I spent the day helping my sister throw a baby shower for her best friend, Ally, who’s totally turned into family over the years. Even though we aren’t related in any way, I love having Ally as part of our family and having a pseudo sister who TOTALLY looks like she could be our real sister.  And she’s having TWINS! Meaning I’ll have a new niece and nephew early this Summer and I cannot wait. 

And on Saturday night, Ryan and I had a double date night at the Leon Bridges concert with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. We bought the tickets when they went on sale last Fall and had been looking forward to this weekend for such a long time. The concert was amazing and the entire night ended up being a total blast… we laughed, sang, drank gin and tonics, and ate french fries until our hearts were content. 

AND if that wasn’t enough, on Sunday we hosted Easter. Just typing all this out makes me feel like I may need to take a nap. Ha! We had 20-ish people at our house on Sunday afternoon for a late brunch and Easter Egg hunt! We celebrated that our Lord has risen and that Ryan is cancer free.  It was an unforgettable, totally chaotic day in the best way possible. By Sunday night my heart was very full and very happy. 


5 Things I’m Loving:

Trophy Vase

I found this vase on Amazon and picked up a few for a Kentucky Derby project we were working on not expecting to fall in love with them as much as I have. Y’all they are GORGEOUS in real life.

Shop Here


I ordered these espadrilles a few weeks ago and I’m very VERY into them. I love that they don’t have the lace up.  They are the perfect height and more of a nude! I’m thinking I’ll probably be wearing them out this Spring and Summer. 

Shop Here

Daisy Earrings

I found the cutest little Etsy shop that makes these daisy earrings for under $50 and I am obsessed with them. I’m definitely ordering a few combinations! Daisies are my favorite flower and I honestly cannot get enough of these! So cuuuuuuute. 

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Product Obsession

I got my hair done last week and I always walk out of the salon with something new. This time it was this blow dry foam spray, and I’m SO into it. I have VERY soft and fine hair… and I don’t mean that in a good way. I mean it in a “it’s-too-soft-to-do-anything” way. I often relate it to baby hair! ha. Meaning I have to put lots-o-product in my hair to give it texture before I curl or style it if I want even a fighting chance of it staying. 

… and this is my new best friend. I love the texture and volume it gives my hair! 

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New Gear

I finally finished BBG 2.0 on Friday and I can’t even begin to tell you HOW proud of myself I am. It’s seriously the hardest work out I’ve ever done! Here’s a full Q&A post on BBG that I wrote if you’re interested.

As a little treat I put in an order for some new gear! Lolë, a new-to-me brand I was introduced to while in SF, has some of the cutest things and I’ve been wearing their leggings that I was gifted for the past week. I love them and the colors are so fun! 

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  1. It sounds like you had the most full, wonderful weekend with family! And, this picture (plus the couple you posted on Insta) are just so beautiful of you and Ryan. I bet this holiday was extra special for the two of you with all the goodness that you have to celebrate! I’m definitely going to pick up that hair product – it sounds like we have similar hair types, and I can use all the texture help that I can get!

    Just sayin’,
    Karly @ What Karly Said

  2. Phew! Even I’m exhausted after reading all you did on your weekend. I was able to get Friday off from work so I was able to decorate Easter eggs with my grand-niece (18 months old) and just had the best time of my life!!!! I thank God every day for my family! Glad you were able to enjoy your family too.

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