Ashley Brooke in J.McLaughlin Derby Dress on
Ashley Brooke in J.McLaughlin Derby Dress on


J.McLaughlin Dress, shoes, bag c/o // LOreal Lipstick L’Oreal La Lacque “Lacque & Roll” and M.A.C. Lipstick “Chatter Box” // Tuckernuck Earrings (old, similar here here)

A Plans-Free Weekend

We had a glorious plan-free weekend and I wanted it to never end! We had double date on Friday night at our favorite Winter Park restaurant, Hillstone.  It was one of those nights where you stay so long you the waiters are thinking about kicking you out… those are the best nights!

On Saturday we worked out, took Dolly on a long walk, and attended the Orlando Ballet’s production of Wonderland. I was so excited about seeing it!.  As a former dancer I always enjoy the ballet, but we never make time for it. Every year we see the Nutcracker, but we’re trying to make a point of enjoying more of our local arts. And honestly, we bought the tickets at $19 apiece! That put us in the second to last last row of the 2nd mezzanine, but I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Seriously, I don’t think there is a bad seat in the house and the show was beyond amazing.

And on Sunday morning we got up early and went for a run before church. It was my first run in over a year! Ryan used to be a runner and has been getting back into it post treatment, so I thought it might be fun to add it in to my weekly BBG work outs. I am FAR from a runner.  Ryan literally runs circles around me, but I’m not going to lie, I was pretty proud of those two SLOW miles!! ha!

After church we ended up at a nearby laundromat, and I’ve never been more thrilled. If you’ve been following along on stories then you know our washer broke last week. We ordered a new one, but it will be another WEEK until it’s delivered.  So we headed out to get a few loads done. This was my first time in a laundromat and, honestly, I’m not sure I’ve actually been living before this… it’s AMAZING!! Doing three loads of laundry at one time…What is this place, heaven?! Ryan used to live in NYC so he’s a laundromat pro… and honestly, I’m kind of mad I didn’t know the gloriousness of laundromats until now. I will 1000% be back!

We ended the weekend with seeing the Avengers with a GIANT tub of popcorn.  It was only fair! I got the ballet, he got the Avengers! I truly couldn’t have asked for a better weekend!

5 Things I’m Loving:

Derby Dress

Y’all it’s a BIG weekend. The Derby is on Saturday, Cinco de Mayo is on Sunday, and the MET Gala is on Monday…It’s a lot, so it’s time to get prepared! 😉

I found this derby dress at J.McLaughlin and I’m obsessed with it. I have THREE J.McLaughlin swing dresses, they are that good!  They are truly so flattering, comfortable, and chic… but I have ALL the heart eyes for this pink derby dress! Perfect for this weekend, and honestly… every weekend!

Shop Here

50% off Stubbs & Wootton!

GUYS. My very favorite shoes (legitimately so comfortable it’s unreal) are currently 50% off! This kind of never happens, and honestly, now is the time to buy! They are on the pricy side, so at 50% off it’s go time!! They have so many adorable styles on sale and I cannot stress enough about HOW comfortable these are. It’s honestly insane. 

Use the code: AB20 for 20% off any full price items! 

Shop Here

New Favorite Denim

Okay, a few weeks ago Mott and Bow reached out to see if I’d like to try out their denim and one of their best selling tees. I said yes, but was secretly SUPER skeptical! Honestly, I have the hardest time with denim.  I have a booty that proves to be difficult when finding the “right” pair of jeans, but guys, these came in and fit like a DREAM. No joke, I e-mailed the team as soon as they came in and told them I would never be taking them off. I’m SOLD. 

I actually ordered the “mom jean” style in the color “benson” which is a super new style of denim for me and I totally love it. The high-waist and true denim (these are not jeggings) are surprisingly amazing. I’m legit going to be getting more of them. Oh, and the boxy white tee you’ve been seeing me wear on stories practically every day is this one. And it’s THE BEST. 

Order a pair, everything is true to size, I promise you will not be sorry!

Shop Here

Shampoo Obsessed

My hairstylist has been telling me for a while now to start using purple shampoo for my highlights and I’ve been sort of half listening to him. Truthfully, purple shampoo freaks me out and I’m always afraid I’m going to use it incorrectly. But I’ve started using this Kérastase purple shampoo and I’m hooked! I’m currently using it every 4th wash or so, but I’m in love. It really does brighten up the blonde!

P.S. I put a whole list together of my top 16 favorites from Sephora here! It’s worth checking out especially since the sale is going on! 

Shop Here

Running Shorts, HELP!

I need your help! I haven’t worn running shorts to run in over 7 years. Once upon a time I was in a running club (I know, I know, don’t ask!) and had all the gear. On Sunday when Ryan and I decided to go for a run, I realized I’d donated all of my running shorts except one pair, which I don’t love. It’s truly too hot in Florida to wear leggings or tights for a run, so I need your help! I’ve heard great things about these! Also, I found these on amazon that look identical for 1/2 the price! HELP! Tell me everything! 

Shop Here

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  1. I have been looking at that dress all season and then some.
    I have one swing dress and I really like it.

    It looks great on you.

  2. Ditto the other Old Navy recs! All of my favorite workout clothes (shorts, leggings and tanks!) are from Old Navy. I’m not trying to look pretty, I’m trying to get. it. done. Am I right? 😛

    Laundromats are great! If you ever make it to Austin, there’s a restaurant called Launderette in an old laundromat – not for doing laundry anymore, but it’s just delightful. One of my favorites!

  3. I love my old navy running shorts! They are cute almost exactly like the lulu ones and are even lined! They also come in tons of colors and of course are always on sale 🙂

    Angela | Cue the Coffee

  4. OMG the Stubbs and Wootton sale is so incredible!!! And for running shorts, I LOVE LOVE the running/tennis skirts from Lululemon. They come in a tall size which I like, so it is a bit longer, and they have a sticky thing around the legs in the little shorts to prevent any riding up. They have tons of pockets, and I just love them because I can still feel pretty while I get my sweat on. I honestly wear them for more than just exercise, like if I am running errands, or having a casual, chill day!!
    Hope this helps!!

    xx Libby

  5. I’ve been a runner for 15 years and so obviously, every time I go shopping, I try on new or different running shorts “just to see if I like them.”

    In the end, I never buy anything but Old Navy running shorts! The liner is so comfortable that I forget it’s there!

    Even if you don’t live in them forever, they’re an affordable option to keep you running while you search for your right pair.

  6. Okay, two things! First, you’re so right. There really isn’t a bad seat when it comes to the ballet. I’ve sat everywhere from waaay up top to second row and it’s always great because you get to see things from a different perspective. Up top, you see more of the formations as a whole whereas in the front, you see the individuals up close. Love it:)

    And two, re: laundromats. I’ve never heard someone so excited by one! Haha. When I lived in Brooklyn, I couldn’t stand the one on my block, but quickly found one in Williamsburg called Celsious which is seriously the coolest laundromat ever. It’s all eco-friendly, they have an upstairs cafe with healthy food, it’s beautifully designed so you actually want to spend time there, AND best of all, the machines take cards! Just wanted to share because I think it’s a concept that should spread into other parts of the US. 🙂

    briana |

    • Briana!

      Gosh, there really isn’t a bad seat! Plus it was so much fun to actually see the orchestra!

      Also, I love that! We will definitely have to check that our the next time we are in Brooklyn! I’m now hooked on Laundromats, ha!

      xo – Ashley Brooke

  7. I actually love Athleta’s Run Free shorts, which look very similar to the pair you linked above. They’ve got some well placed ventilation, and are super comfy, and fit really well even for those of us with a bigger booty and smaller waist. Plus the colors they come in are so great this year! I haven’t run in them, but I’ve hiked, biked, and done long walks in them, and the only complaint I have is that they aren’t quite long enough for a proper long-distance bike ride (which is my fault for not getting a longer pair of shorts, oops!).

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