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After a whirlwind of a week (Miami –> Home –> Seattle –> Home) we had a very low key and lovely weekend. Although I must admit I’m missing both those Miami sunrises and the Seattle waterfalls! 

I ran tons of errands, did lots of laundry (with our brand new washer that I LOVE!!), started and finished (almost, like 50 pages left!) two books, worked out, booked a trip to Nantucket, and had a girl’s night with my sister. I’m not sure it could have been a better or more relaxing weekend! We have a pretty full week ahead, so I couldn’t have been any more thankful for the rest.

5 Things I’m Loving

Under $50 Sundress

My sister came over on Saturday wearing this dress and I instantly said “I NEED IT!!”

Needless to say, we went out and scooped it up. It’s the perfect-easy-to-wear sundress! I think this might just become a Summer uniform! 

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New Face Cream + FREE SAMPLE

While in Seattle with Kiehl’s this week I was introduced to their newest face cream and I’ve got to tell you… it’s AWESOME. It’s the only face cream I’ve worn since Wednesday, I love it that much. Super lightweight and the texture is unreal… you’ve GOT to try it out!

Also, the team at Kiehl’s gave me a code to use to get a free sample (no purchase necessary!) so you’ll have to try it out and let me know what you think! 

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The Best Hair Ties

You’ve heard me talk about Teleties before, but honestly they are the best!! These are truly the only hair ties that will keep my hair up and off my face while doing BBG or running. I never, ever have a problem with them falling out, breaking, etc. 

They come in different sizes and tons of colors, but seriously… cannot recommend enough!

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State Pillows

Y’all, how cute are these?! I was recently introduced to this new company called Honey + Hank and I’m kind of obsessed! They have all of these cute patterns that include all 50 states like this one, or individual states like these. I think they would be such a cute bridal shower gift! 

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Body Shimmer

Did you wear body glitter growing up?! Because we know that answer for me is a YES. So when I heard about this body shimmer I ordered it ASAP and guys, I love it! I used it the entire time we were in Miami and it was amazing! It’s not glittery or over-the-top shimmery at all. You could totally get away with wearing it to work since it’s super subtle. But I love the way it looks on my shoulders, collar bones and shins. It’s the perfect pop of highlight! 

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  1. Phew! I had to go back and reread your post! I thought you did Miami – Seattle during the weekend, with everything else you wrote. I was like “what???? that’s relaxing?????” Went back and realized you said whirlwind WEEK! LOL! You can tell I’m awake this morning! 🙂 Love that sundress! And the price is perfect!

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