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From Mexico to Charleston!

We spent all of last week at the Fairmont in Mayakoba Mexico, and today I’m flying out to Charleston with Draper James… if that isn’t a contrast for you I don’t know what is, ha! From South of the boarder to the actual South, ha!

Traveling is one of my favorite parts of my job. Getting to explore new places and showcase the magic from each location, but I have to tell you, Mexico totally captured our hearts

Since Ryan and I live in Florida we don’t often go on “tropical” trips since we technically live in the tropics.  I thought Mexico might look a lot like Florida… and I was wrong. I can’t believe this beautiful place is only two hours away via air, we will most definitely be coming back

Keep your eyes peeled for a blog post about our stay, and in the meantime you can keep up with my trip to Charleston with Draper James over on stories! I’m so thrilled to be back in one of my favorite cities with one of my favorite brands. 

5 Things I'm Loving


I’m a toner girl.  I think it’s so important and a step in my skincare regimen I never miss. Recently I’ve been using this one from Kiehl’s and I love it. Not harsh or drying at all, and I definitely feel like my skin is brighter because of it. 

If you are wondering what my skin care routine, I wrote a whole post on what order to apply skincare products!

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October’s Book

If you missed the announcement last Tuesday, October’s Book Club pick is Rush by Lisa Patton! I am so excited about it and I just KNOW you will fall in love with this novel just as much as I did. It’s one of those books that sticks with you long after you’ve finished it. So thrilled for you to read along this month. 

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Pink for Fall

I am absolutely loving the smocked dresses for fall and this one from Draper James is giving me life. The bow detail, the ruffle, the sleeves. So cute with heels, flats, or boots! I’m hoping to get my hands on this one ASAP!

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Latest Podcast

I recently recorded a podcast with my friend Mary Marantz and it’s live! This was such a fun one because we really go through my entire entrepreneurial journey, mistakes I made and lessons I learned, along with lots of real life stuff! It’s a jammed packed episode and I hope you get the chance to listen to it. 

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Softest Sweater I Own

Guys, I am not joking. This is the softest sweater I own. I actually don’t even understand how it’s as soft as it is and I want it in all of the colors. I have it in a size xs and I love it! Here’s a peek at it in action. But do yourself a favor and get one before they’re gone. Because let’s be honest, there is nothing worse than an itchy sweater. 

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  1. I just ordered the sweater/pullover/sweatshirt today because it’s 40% off and I have no chill, literally once I have this on! Ha!

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