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Work & Play

This past weekend was so much fun and filled both work and play! On Friday night we had dinner with my manager, Deanna, and her husband who were in town from L.A.! We had so much fun catching up. We  actually talk multiple times a day, but since she lives on the other side of the country it’s not often that we get to spend quality time together.  So Friday night was such a treat.

But then on Saturday, we got SERIOUS and practically cleaned our entire house. It all started with the Tupperware cabinet and it snowballed into a 14 hour clean-out/purge session! It felt so good that we just kept going. It’s truly CRAZY how much stuff we accumulate, but I’m so excited that most of it will be going to good homes and getting a new life! Although, I have to tell you, cleaning out my closet is the most brutal. I never know what to do.  It’s less about the stuff and more about indecisiveness, but Ryan sat in there with me holding the giant hefty bag and wine for support! Ha! I think I just needed someone to validate my decisions. 

And on Sunday we drove to Tampa to visit the new Champagne Bar at the Oxford Exchange! The team at the OE invited Ryan and me to spend the day experiencing their new bar and, of course, brunch, which was an offer we couldn’t pass up.

As many of you know, we got married at the OE 5 years ago, so any and EVERY chance we get to go back, we take! Such a fun afternoon sipping bubbly and reminiscing. 


5 Things I'm Loving

Sparkly Slippers

While cleaning out my closet on Saturday night I realized that I need a new pair of slippers. In Florida I don’t wear slippers all that often, but during the Winter months I do like to slip them on when the temps drop into the 60s! Mine are very old and in desperate need of an upgrade… and I think this sparkly pair might be the ones!

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Personalized Ornament

I’ve talked about this Etsy shop before, but guys, I can’t get over how cute these ornaments are! I know Ryan and I got married 5 years ago, but I still kind of want one. UGH. SO. CUTE. 

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Dog Bed

Dolly officially needs a new dog bed. She’s destroyed the one she has and it’s time. The one she currently has she can drag around the house, and that’s just what she does! I need to get one that is a little more solid, that way she won’t tear it apart, ha. Anyway, I saw this one and thought it was the cutest thing I’d ever seen. I’m VERY into this one as well. 

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$34.99 Pearl Sweater

I keep seeing this sweater pop up ALL over the internet and I’ve been just about influenced enough at this point to buy it. I mean, honestly, it’s adorable. 

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New Sheets

This item has been on my list forever. This has to be the year I buy us new sheets. Every week when  I wash and change the sheets I think to myself, “just order new sheets”, but I never do. Truthfully I’ve been dragging my feet because I have NO idea what to order. But I keep hearing amazing things about these sheets (from multiple sources and there’s 42.k reviews!), so I think they might be the ones. Now, I just have to actually order them! 

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