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Hello Monday

We had a little bit of a lazy weekend over here… Well, mostly me! Ryan was very productive.. I on the other hand was under the weather and spent the majority of it on the couch binge watching Cheer on Netflix (omg, have you seen it?) and reading. Ha! So even though I don’t have a lot to show for this weekend besides a finished book and new Netflix obsession, I am excited to get back into the swing of things today! 

5 Things I'm Loving

The Cutest $39.00 Bag

How sweet is this little pink bag?! Perfect for February and very Mrs. Maisel if you ask me! I ordered it on Friday and can’t wait for it to come in. I think it will be adorable dressed up or down.

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The Prenup

I’ve been loving seeing all of the excitement around our January Book Club Pick, The Prenup! I’m thrilled y’all are loving it as much as I did. If you haven’t scooped it up yet, you totally should… it’s such a fun read. 

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Be Mine T-Shirt

I unapoligically love Valentine’s Day, ahem, season. Give me all the pink puffy hearts, and sparkly bubble gum dresses. I love it all. So when I saw this cute “be mine” tee I added to cart as quickly as possible!

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Fave Headband, Now in Navy

GUYSSSS. My absolute favorite headband now comes in navy! It’s seriously so comfortable and I can wear it all day. Now, if they’d just release it in nude I’d be set! I already have it in both the black and blush.  

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Poodle Planter

I can’t help it, I like weird things like this! ha! My Great Grandmother gave me a ceramic swan planter that I love, so when I see funny little planters like this one I just want to scoop them up. Etsy really does have the best finds. 

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