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Divide and Conquer

This weekend was crazy. On Friday afternoon when we looked at our calendar for Saturday we realized we had four very important (cannot miss) family events (whoops!), so we each took two, and divided and conquered. Needless to say, it was a bit a logistic heavy weekend. But even with all of that, we did end of getting to squeeze in some fun and a Sunday afternoon nap!

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Black & White Chair // Floral Pillow // Book // Coffee Mug // Glasses


5 Things I’ve Been Loving 

1. Books — I know I’m always talking about books, but since I love them always I figure you do too! I just finished Surprise Me by Sophie Kinsella this past week and it was adorable. I highly recommend it. On Friday night I started Pairs for One by Jojo Moyes and I’m about halfway through it. So far I’m really liking it, although, I didn’t realize the format is multiple stories in one book. That confused me there for a minute, but didn’t make it any less enjoyable.

2. New Shoes — Jack Rogers launched a nudes collection and I’m obsessed. I have such fair skin that I always feel the most comfortable in a nude pair of sandals, but have the hardest time finding a pair that is actually my shade of nude! Often times it’s just too tan and looks off, so I was THRILLED when I saw these! And if you are wondering, yes, they are already tucked into my closet ready for their first outing! 

3. Earrings — I’ve been on a serious hoop earring kick lately and I’ve been wearing the heck out of these gold hoop earrings. I swear they go with everything and I can’t get enough! Also as a bonus, every time I put them on I think of my mom… she’s always been big gold hoop earring girl!

4. Podcasts — Ryan and I have a handful of business podcasts that we love listening to together and Tim Ferriss is one of our favorites! Over the weekend we each listened to Episode #295 and it really resonated with both of us. We kept talking about it all weekend… I’d highly recommend giving it a listen if you have a second or two!

5. New Eye Glasses — On Friday night I did a few Instagram stories while wearing my glasses and my DMs filled up with questions about my new specs! First off, they are amazing and I’d highly recommend them, and secondly… we filmed a little vlog all about picking them out if you are interested! If you’re in a hurry, they’re the Tansley style from Warby Parker.

One more, just for fun!

Ryan surprised me with this pretty little mug I mentioned a few weeks ago! On Saturday morning I was getting ready and he brought me a cup of coffee in this cup while I was doing my hair.  I flipped with instant tears in my eyes! If you read the post then you’ll know why it meant so much!




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