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A Low Key Oscars Weekend

This weekend was wonderful. We worked on house projects, had dinner out with friends, and caught up with family from out of town. It full but at-your-own-pace kind of weekends, my favorite kind.

Sunday night, my girlfriend Whitney and her boyfriend Henry even came into town to spent the night.  We stayed up late watching the Oscars while sipping cocktails, eating homemade pizza, and brownies. Whitney and I snuggled up under big blankets and picked out our favorite stars while also laughing at our boys who decided to stay back and hang with us. They spent the whole time judging the men’s fashion at the Oscars… if you could have only heard their commentary. It was hilarious even if they were just being good sports for our benefit.


5 Things I’ve Been Loving


After a fun-filled weekend, I am ready for Monday and can’t wait to get started on all of the projects we have in the works, but before I do I wanted to share with you a few things I’ve been loving lately…

1. This Polka Dotted Dress, on Saturday morning I did a little online shopping and I picked up this pretty green and white polka dotted dress. I cannot WAIT for it to come in! 

2. I took a quick trip to Miami last week and when I got to the airport I realized I had forgotten to pack a book. So before boarding the plane I did a quick browse through Hudson News and picked up this book called Presence, so far I’m really loving it! 

3. I’ve been trying out a new skincare routine the last week and I am loving it. I can’t wait to give you the full run down, but on Friday I added in this toner from Fresh Beauty into the mix and it’s been working miracles. I could swear my foundation lays better on my face when I use it! I’ve never been a toner girl, but I’m kind of hooked! 

4. I’ve been trying to pick my best-dressed from the Oscars last night but it’s so hard! I felt like everyone really stepped up their game and there were so MANY looks that I loved, but I can’t get over Jennifer Lawrence, total bombshell.

5. My friend AnnaBelle’s clothing line, LaRoque, is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. She sent me a few pieces last week and I wore this top to dinner on Friday. I got stopped 4 different times by sweet strangers wanting to know where they could get their own. If you haven’t shopped LaRoque yet, consider this your warning!


That all I’ve got today. Cheers to a happy and productive week ahead!



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    • Hi Angela!!! You are so sweet! So thrilled you love these Monday morning posts! Also, you NEED that dress! xx

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