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(The TOP 10 quick reads I’ve been loving online)

I’m writing this post all cozied up in my hotel room in Seaside, Florida! Ryan and I drove up from Orlando yesterday so that I could attend The Southern Coterie retreat for the next few days.  I’ve got to tell you… it’s gorgeous! I’ll be doing a little round up of my trip here (along with my NYC trip from last week!) soon.  With all this travel I’ve been spending the extra time on planes or in a car browsing, so I thought I’d share with you a few of my favorite reads from around the web this past week.

Hope you enjoy these fun reads.  You’ll have to let me know about any books, articles, music, or things-to-buy that have caught your eye lately! 

This Week’s Favorite Reads: 

  1. Coveteur – The Fall Dresses Coveteur Editors Want Right Now: Um, yes, I would also love all of these, please!
  2. The Every Girl – The Best Breakfast Recipes to Enjoy in Bed This Weekend: How heavenly does this sound? Planning on making this happen next weekend!
  3. Rebecca Taylor’s New Arrivals: Need I say more? LOVE.
  4. Mackenzie Horan – Statement Shorts: How cute are these on Mackenzie? I think we all need them.
  5. J. Crew Faux Fur Vest:  J. Crew brought back their Faux Fur Vest in PINK! I kind of love it.
  6. Glitter Guide – 3 Fall Latte Recipes You NEED To Try This Season:  How yummy do these sound? Putting these on my list ASAP!
  7. Cupcakes and Cashmere – Emily’s Approach Towards Candles:  Loving all of this! I’m working on a really fun Fall candle post so I loved seeing this one!
  8. Waiting on Martha– End of Summer Hydrating Skincare & Hair Essentials:  I just want all of these products! Even though it’s officially Fall I’m not ready to give up all my favorite summer beauty.
  9. The Green Life – Spiced Plum, Fig, and Kombucha Cocktail:  I am dying to make this! It sounds so delicious… and let’s be real I’m a sucker for all things Kombucha.
  10. A Dash of Details – New Fall Classics From Shopbop:  I am loving this outfit on Ali! So cute.


That’s it! Now I’m off to day 1 of The Southern C. Again, I hope you had fun and be sure to let me know which one you enjoyed the most.

xo- Ashley Brooke





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