10 Things I Want to Make Happen This Month

I’ve posted my monthly bucket list a few times over the last year and recently I’ve been getting requests to bring it back. So your wish is my command! And actually, I got excited when I saw e-mails coming in about these posts because I love creating and sharing them!

This month’s bucket list is more on the low-key (aka super doable) side of things and I’m really excited about it. In months past I’ve had a hard time finishing even half of the bucket list so this go around I figure I’d be a little more realistic, ha! I’m genuinely excited about this list and can’t wait to start tackling it! I’m can even say that I’ve crossed off the first one, yay! 

Anyway, I hope this list inspires you and that you make your own list of things that will make your heart happy. Below I’ve even attached a printable download for you to use to create your own, plus one for you to share on Instagram stories as well!


August’s Bucket List:

1. Try Out a New Coffee Shop – Lately, it seems like there is a new fun coffee shop popping up just about every week here in Orlando and I’ve been dying to try them all! Yesterday afternoon Ryan and I popped into Craft & Common downtown and loved it! I had their “rose latte” called The Wild Child. It was unreal! Next up on my list is Gratitude Coffee in College Park and Deeply downtown. 

2. Get a Pedicure & Leave My Phone at Home – If I told you how long it’s been since I last had a pedicure you’d cry! It’s been well over a year, which is less than ideal. Now, before you get too worried you should know I do my own at home at least once or twice a month.  But I think it’s about time! Also, I never end up enjoying my time at the salon because I always end up returning e-mails the entire time. So I’m going to schedule an appointment, bring a book, and CHILL OUT. 

P.S. These are my favorite pedicure places in Orlando/Winter Park right now: Marilyn Monroe Spa and Posh Nails

3. Sunset Picnic at The Beach – We live so close to the beach, only about an hour out, so we need to make this more of a priority! I’m making a point to make this happen this month! All we need is a blanket, our flip-flops, and take out from our favorite beachside spot, Da Kine Diego’s!

4. Keep Up Bikini Body Guide Workout Each Week – I mentioned last week (you can read more here) that I started a new workout plan. So far I haven’t missed a day. I know it’s only been a week, but with our lives being as crazy as they are right now I feel like it’s a total win! So my goal in the month of August is to not miss a single workout! I think I can do it, keep your fingers crossed for me! 

5. Crazy Rich Asians, The Movie – July was all about Mama Mia, and August is all about Crazy Rich Asians! I can not wait to see the movie when it comes out on August 15th! I’m hoping to make a girls’ night out of it and sneak in popcorn, Sofia champagne, and of course red hots! 

Check out the book here if you aren’t sure what I’m talking about. You can thank me later! ; ) 

6. Back to School Supplies – I realize my back to school days are over, but I can’t help picking up a new desk accessory or two during the month of August! I currently have my eye on these funky scissors, these ombre pens, and this super cool bronzed to-do board!

7. Finish Two Books (… and maybe more!) – I’m currently reading Love & Luck and My Oxford Year, but I have Come Matter Here and Playing With Matches on my list as well. I’ve been flying through books lately and hoping to get a few more under my belt this month. 

8. Organize 1 Drawer/Space a Week – Do we think I can actually do this?! I have no idea… but lets at least try! I am a super clean and tidy person,  I like everything put away at all times, which means I’m always shoving things in drawers to be out of sight. And I’m truly embarrassed to even tell you how bad some of our drawers are, especially my pajama drawer. I found a swimsuit in there the other day… I mean seriously. I’m hoping tackling one space a week will be doable! Send help. 

9. Target and Stroll – I desperately want a couple hours at Target to grab a cup of coffee and just mindlessly walk the isles.  Is it just me or does that sound so incredibly therapeutic?! I don’t need to buy anything, just stroll, try on clothes, look at all the wrapping paper, and browse the books. Who wants to join me?!

10. Dive into a New Podcast Series – I’m actually working on a list of podcasts to share with you next week, but I’ve really been getting into them lately! I’ve heard Second Life is really good and I can’t wait to give it a listen. 


download printable here and Instagram story image here



Now, tell me what’s on your bucket list!! You know I always have room for just one more thing!




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  1. Ok, I’m gonna be like some of your other commenters and list them out! (I’m kid free this evening so this will be fun for me !).

    1. Have you been to Axum in downtown Winter Garden?? Their chai latte is UNREAL!

    2. LOVE this idea and totally stealing it. My fav spot is MC Spa (again on my side of town- Windermere area) but I think there’s one in DP. An actual masseuse gives you a 20 min neck and back massage before massaging your feet/legs up to your knee! Then afterwards they tuck you in a cozy blanket in a big comfy chair and you just wait for the nail tech to come do your toes. It’s pretty much heaven!!! And I’ll totally treat you if you wanna come to my neck of the woods to get one with me sometime! 🙂

    4. Ughhhh I totally need to start my workout. I’m gonna do 80 day obsession thru Beachbody. Wish me luck
    PS: not missing a day for a week of anything is a major accomplishment! Especially workouts!!! Go you!

    5. I tooootally wanna see the new Winnie the Pooh movie that’s coming out! I might be the only person you know that wants to see it! Ha! #momprobs

    6. Totally have those pens and they are awesome. They have them at Target!!! They are on the very top row of the pen section at mine

    9. Speaking of Target!… That is totally such a therapeutic idea!! I want you to check back in and let us know how much money you spend! Haha! I’d be in so much trouble

    10. Can’t wait to see your podcast list! I am currently SO into podcasts right now. My fav at the moment is For the Love by Jen Hatmaker. Have you listened?! So good!

    Well there’s my (unexpectedly long) 2cents! I love a good list. And yours is a good one!

    Much love friend!
    Kristen 🙂

    • OMH, Kristen. I love you! Thank you for this… made my whole night last night when I read this! You are the best! xx- AB

    • Thanks, girl!! I hope you love and enjoy! Also, you’ll have to let me know if you try out any of those coffee spots! 😉 xx – AB

  2. School supplies are IMPOSSIBLE for me to resist! We partner with a local non profit and sponsor a child in need of the supplies! A win win!

    Also, good luck strolling target and not buying anything!

    • Same girl, SAME. I can’t get enough!!! Also, I love that you do that… so sweet and SUCH a good idea! 🙂

  3. I LOLed at the Target comment – I chose my apartment complex specifically because I can literally walk a quarter mile through the new community to Target… It’s a problem, but it really is so therapeutic to wander and get ideas and inspiration! I especially like to bring headphones and listen to podcasts while I stroll or call friends that have moved away. Truly my favorite past time, and I’m glad I’m not alone 🙂 Thank you for sharing!!

    • Bailey!!! So glad I’m not the only one!! Ha! Thank you for your comment. Also, I love that you picked your apartment location based on Target… that makes me so happy!

      xxoo – AB

  4. Have you watched The Joneses Unplugged (starring Sean Faris and Mischa Barton)? The #2, mainly the “leave my phone at home” reminds me about it..
    The #4, it’s the same for me (I just completed the 1st day, at least haha)
    And the #8, I’m doing the KonMari Method, it’s amazing how much space you have when you just keep what brings joy to you.. and it works even when I’m packing my suitcase!

    Have a great day, Ashley! ❤

    Jessica | whattostyle.blogspot.com |
    Instagram @ what_to_style

    • Jessica!

      hahah! I love this and I love how you listed everything out! Also, I’m definitely need to KonMari my life ASAP!! Thank you for the suggestion! xo

    • Allie!

      Oh my gosh, me too! I am so excited! Such a fun book! I need to read the sequels, have you read them?! xx – AB

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