My Baby Essentials For A Four Month Old

All things baby gear we’re loving at four months…

We are now *fully* in baby mode over here (so many baby essentials!), and it’s the best thing ever. It’s true what they say that every stage is somehow sweeter than the last and that your love just compounds over time (HOW?!)… but, here I am saying it again, it’s true. Laurens is becoming my little buddy and I am living for it. He just giggles and squawks at me all day and those sounds have become the soundtrack of this season. We’re just soaking it all in!

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We’re in the in the new-to-us stage of baby no longer being a super fresh newborn, and with it comes so many fun things! Isn’t it crazy how you think there’s absolutely no way they will ever be big enough to fit/sit/enjoy *insert here* and then all the sudden they have a favorite rattle and can sit in a little chair?! It’s WILD.

I feel like each week we’re breaking out a new something thinking there’s no way he’ll like this, only to find him just giggling away and enjoying whatever it is. This season of discovering and enjoying all these new baby essentials is just way too fun!

Luna Cay onsie // Upseat baby seat // rattle // teether // blue & white flower pot (discount code here)

A Few Favorites From The List

Lalo baby gym — I opened this up on Saturday and as soon as I laid him down he started to giggle. He loves it. (And it’s on sale!)

Adjustable straps (for toy, pacifier, book) — We use these all the time and love them. I loop the crinkle books around them and attach to the baby gym and he’ll just lay on his back and and “read”!

Crinkle books – OH MY GOSH, WE LOVE CRINKLE BOOKS. I have them in the car, diaper bag, and every where else in the house. He lights up when you hand him a crinkle book.

RattlesThis little chicken rattle is so sweet and this ball thing (don’t ask, ha!) fascinates him.

Bouncy seat — Still a fan of the bouncy seat because this is how I can blow dry my hair! I will use the silicone straps and hook on a book or two onto the seat and he’s THRILLED.

Lovey blankets — I think we may be a blanket boy, which just thrills me. This little bunny and this one is so snuggly and he holds them to his cheeks. I die.

Teething toys — No teeth yet, but he’s a BIG fan of this!

Activity center — We just put this together yesterday and it’s ADORABLE. I love watching him discover all the things, even thought he’s still a bit too tiny, but he likes it. I have a feeling this may be our best friend for a while.

Upseat — We just pulled this seat out last week and it’s our new favorite thing. Yesterday I sat him in it while I folded laundry and we just chatted… about what? I have no clue. But I can tell you that I’ve never loved doing laundry this much!

Sleep sack — Around three months we transitioned out of sleeping in his crib with the swaddle to the sleep sack, and it’s just so sweet and cozy he LOVES it!

Snoo – We are still loving the Snoo… truly one of my favorite baby things. Laurens still naps in the Snoo and he giggles when you put him in it, sp saying that he loves it would be an understatement. He will totally nap in his crib, carseat, etc. But the Snoo will get us the longest nap possible.

Travel crib and slumber pod — Okay, if you are planning on traveling, I cannot say enough great things about our travel crib and THE TENT. The Slumber Pod is amazing, truly. Last week, while in Palm Beach, we just popped it over the crib, turned on his sound machine and fan, and he had no idea we had all the lights on and were just chatting away (see here). It’s MAGICAL.

Baby carrier — I still love my Solly Baby wrap, but it takes a little work and I often will wear it at home or church when we are sitting. But when I’m running errands like the grocery store or Target, I just click this thing on and GO. It’s been the best… and no one loves Publix more than Laurens! It’s like I took him to Disney!

Is there anything else you’ve found that works wonders? Let me know!

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