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It’s A Process!

I think I’ve finally *finally* got my hair styling routine down to a science. I tried everything under the sun over the years and this is my best by far. I can actually get my stick-straight-extra-fine-dense hair to hold a style. It’s truly a miracle. So today I thought I’d walk you through the process.

But before I get into it, just know the trick for me is to get my hair to have A LOT of texture. So I’m not shy about the dry shampoo and texture spray, the more the better!

Let me know if you have any questions—I’m happy to answer in the comments below. 😉

Step 1: Wash & Condition

I’m a fan of changing up my shampoo and conditioner often. I think it’s really good for your hair! So this is my current rotation below. And this morning I used this and this, and I also really love this and this.

Step 2: Blow Dry & Prep

I typically let my hair dry for about 20 minutes while I do my makeup. Before I blow dry my hair, I use this heat protectant and then just roughly blow out my hair with this blow-dryer. It’s a crazy expensive blow-dryer, I know… but y’all it works.

Step 3: Style

Okay, now, this is where it gets crazy! Once I have clean, blown out hair, I immediately put in dry shampoo and a bit of texture spray. That really helps my super fine hair HOLD onto the style. Once my hair is prepped I divide it into three sections and run my curling iron through it. I love these curling irons: 1.5″, and 1.24″

Step 3: Make It Last

Now that my hair has been completely styled, I brush it out and use lifting powder at my roots. Then I apply more texture spray and lastly… top with hair spray!

This may seem like a lot, and maybe it is, ha! But IT WORKS! And truly, this combination is magic for me! I’ll continue to try new products and share them when I find one that works, but for right now these products are my go-to!

Also, I must mention that I can get three days out of my hair when I do this, so really… I consider it a WIN.

Do you have a holy grail styling product that you just love?! For me it’s definitely this. Can’t live without it!


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  1. I have been using the majority of the products recommend for the past 2-3 weeks and I have been extremely happy with the results. Thank you for sharing. I had purchased the trial sizes of the Living Proof and Bumble and Bumble products and I will be purchasing the full-size with the next Ulta or Sephora sale!

  2. Hi Ashley,
    I love your hair routine and am always on a quest to find products to hold my style as well! It seems every hair spray I use seems to dry out my heavily highlighted hair…Does this happen with Kenra hair spray?
    Thank you

  3. I just ordered some of the products you mentioned and can’t wait to see how they work. I know everyone’s hair is different but I am hopefully it will work on my stubborn hair! I have learned the hard way that the key seems to be investing in good products and trying to skimp with cheaper products.

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