My Custom Office Chair

This was a major upgrade!

If you remember, a few months ago I posted this photo (so. gross.!!!) of my office chair that I have had since 2009. To be honest, it was utterly disgusting, but also so low on my priority list. I could sit on it and well, that was about it. A few years ago, the faux leather started peeling, so most of the time I just had a towel draped over it so that I wouldn’t get little white flakes all over me. To boil it down, it was BAD… and I’m actually embarrassed that I let it go that long!

My Custom Office Chair - Label 180

Dress // Shoes c/o // Sweater

Anyway, over the past year or so, I was starting to seriously look for a new chair. It’s really hard to find an aesthetically pleasing chair, so I had kind of just given up. But then, miracle of miracles, Label 180 reached out, and with just one click to their website, all my office chair dreams came true!


My Office Chair

label 180 - pen desk chair

Label 180

Pen Desk Chair

Get the Look

Label 180 is the first bespoke home office furnisher. Now you can do your “home work” in true fashion. This collection of customizable upholstered desks (a first!) and desk chairs puts you in the designer’s seat. Like a real atelier, fabrics and leathers are cut and sewn to fit each piece, turning a home office into a sanctuary suited to your personality and work style.

Essentially, Label 180 is a completely custom furniture line; desks to desk chairs, YOU get to design everything… and honestly, this was just what I was looking for! I ended up going with the Pen desk chair in the Sunbrella “Piazza White” fabric, and I am *so* pleased with the way it came together. But guys, the fabric options are ENDLESS! They even have Liberty prints, so you can really have fun with it.

And I can’t forget to tell you just how comfortable it is. I really cannot believe I have waited this long to get a desk chair that I actually ENJOY sitting in… it’s even become Dolly’s favorite spot to snooze.

I truly don’t have enough great things to say about Label 180. And I’m so excited for you to get the chance to take a peek yourself. I know you will fall in love with this Texas brand as much as I have!

*This post is not sponsored, but the chair was gifted.


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  1. Hi Ashley – was this post sponsored or the whole product gifted? It would be super helpful if you could just be clearer about that, like you are on instagram! Cup of Jo have a great formula for sponsored posts, so would recommend checking them out for how to do very classy advertising posts!

    • Hi Rosie! I’m so sorry, I thought it was clear that the product was gifted by saying “ Label 180 reached out, and with just one click to their website, all my office chair dreams came true!“. This post was not sponsored in the least, I just fell in love with the product.

      I also always mention if a post is sponsored and note gifted by saying “c/o”! I will definitely added “gifted” to the bottom of this post! Thank you for letting me know that it was unclear! xx

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