My Dorsey Jewelry Review

The sparkle is so good…

Let’s talk Dorsey! By now you may have seen this jewelry sparkling up the internet… from tennis bracelets to necklaces these pretty pieces have been wrapped around just about everyone, including Taylor Swift. So I thought it would be fun to do a full-on Dorsey jewelry review of the lab-grown diamond brand that is everywhere right now!

I am such a jewelry girl and there is little I love more than a new piece that sparkles, so when I heard about Dorsey I was so intrigued. Tennis bracelets and necklaces have never gone out of style (they are a true classic!), but these pieces are definitely having a very serious resurgence so it’s fun to find a brand that has totally leaned into this style (and more!).

sweater // James Bezel 3.25MM bracelet in gold 6.5″ // Moss 3MM necklace in gold 16.5″

So a little background here… Dorsey jewelry is lab-grown diamonds (and other gemstones) direct-to-consumer. The brand is based in Los Angeles, California using fine jewelry craftsmanship to create heritage inspired jewelry. I’ve added a few of their pieces to my collection, so thought it would be fun to do a Dorsey jewelry review for you.

What is a lab-grown diamond? According to Dorsey…

Our gemstones are engineered in a lab meant to mimic the conditions in which the stones naturally develop beneath the Earth’s crust. By doing so, these gemstones acquire the same physical and chemical properties as mined stones, but without any harm caused to the environment or to those who mine them.

Lab-grown gemstones are more affordable than mined gemstones but the quality, sparkle, and timelessness factor remain the same. This is the future of beautiful jewelry.

So all of that to say, the craftsmanship, the sparkle, and the quality are all there. And honestly the Dorsey jewelry pieces are a dream to wear. Starting at $200, these timeless pieces are the perfect addition to any outfit. And honestly I haven’t taken my bezel lab-grown sapphire bracelet off since I received it. We are talking sleep, spin class, shower, mom-ing, cleaning, working, I’ve had it on for a solid two weeks and well, the sparkle is fantastic!

Dorsey jewelry review

What I love about my Dorsey pieces are that they are truly so classic that you can quite literally wear them with your tennis whites and princess pinks! And I have to tell you, I’ve received a million complements on both my necklace and bracelet… the sparkle is just too good not to miss. Plus, I love an accessory that makes me feel both like Audrey Hepburn and also on trend all at once. They are pieces you could gift to your mom, your favorite graduate, but also a gift for yourself as a forever piece.

lab-grown diamond

To Note About My Dorsey Jewelry Review:

  • The Dorsey jewelry pieces come in beautifully wrapped gift boxes… they are so pretty!
  • Free 2-day shipping (always here for this!).
  • The jewelry is lightweight. This was something I was genuinely surprised by at first, as I expected the pieces to be heavier and was kind of on the fence about it… but after wearing them for a few days in a row I realized this is actually exactly why I love them. I have seriously been sleeping in my pieces.
  • Their pieces tend to sell out quickly, but know they re-stock every four to six weeks!
  • Most pieces come in custom sizing (!!!). Besides the sparkle, this is actually what I love the most about Dorsey… they offer different sizes for most products. I have smaller wrists and most bracelets are too clunky but because I was able to choose a size that was a good fit for me, I was able to order confidentially. I can’t tell you how much of a difference that made for me, and same with the necklace too. I love being able to choose the length that’s exactly right for me.

So as far as Dorsey jewelry goes, I am a huge fan of both the sparkle and fit. These are pieces I will have forever!

Photography by Sally Watson


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