My Easy 5-Minute Makeup Routine

Because sometimes that’s just all the time we have!

I really enjoy putting on makeup and always have… I begged my mom on the first day of kindergarten to wear blush and lipgloss. After *much* back and forth she finally gave in and let me live my fabulous little life (true story!). Also, I feel the need to mention that I would sleep in sponge rollers (remember those?!) the night before so my hair would be full of blond ringlets, too… it’s safe to say that I’ve always been like this! (For the record, here’s how I style my hair now!)

tinted SPF // concealer // cream blush/lip tint // highlighter // setting powder // mascara // eyebrow pencil // brow gel // cosmetic case

So when I say a five-minute makeup routine is hard for me, it’s because it is! I love nothing more than sitting down at my little vanity and playing with makeup for as long as my heart desires. But I think in this next season of newborn life, the five-minute makeup routine will serve me well.

AYR striped shirt (full review here) // Le Spec sunnies

Because more than anything, I really just like feeling put together and, most of all, like myself. And there is something about a swipe of mascara that just does it for me!

My 8 Favorite Products For The 5-Minute Makeup Routine

So, here are my eight favorite products for the perfect zero to awake look in five minutes flat…

Tinted SPF – So far this is the best one I’ve found. The SPF protection is key, but it also gives you a nice glow.

Concealer – Just a few dabs under the eyes and on the lids will wake you up in 30 seconds FLAT.

Cream Blush/Lip Tint – I’m *so* into a cream blush for a five-minute makeup look because it seems the most natural. I use it for my lips also. Double-duty in the best way!

Highlighter – This product is one of my favorite finds of the year! SUCH a good glow. I wrote a review on it here.

Setting Powder – A quick dusting is a must for me. Honestly, I never skip this step.

Mascara – Okay, so this mascara is just great. It never ever fails.

Eyebrow Pencil – I have the blondest eyebrows… so this is a VERY important step.

Brow Gel – Anther must have in my opinion! SO good.

My Full Routine:

If you are looking for my full regular routine, below are the products I typically use. Just a few more additions, like my favorite foundation (full review here), my go-to eye shadow pallets, (eyeliner when I’m feeling especially fancy!) and more!

P.S. Here are my quick tips for how to contour and how to rock a red lip!

Gosh, isn’t makeup just so fun?! Did I miss anything that is a must-use for you?


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  1. This is great, Ashley! I was looking for a “fast face”. You are adorable. My first time commenting but my umpteenth time reading. All the best!

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