My Fall Bucket List

Pumpkin spice and everything nice…

Each season I make a little bucket list in my head of fun things I’d like to make happen so that I feel like we are fully experiencing the season for all of its goodness. I hate when the season passes by and I think, man that was the one thing I really wanted to do and didn’t make time for it! To be honest, I’m pretty good at making time for fun (ha!) but I think writing down priorities really makes a difference. Especially if you can name what matters most in that season and puzzle piece everything else around it.

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For me, I really want this fall season to be peacefully playful. I know that sounds kind of nutty, especially rolling into a crazy few months of work, events, family, commitments, and all the things. But really, that’s my goal, peacefully playful. Some years it’s been all about cramming in the fun… like last year, I wanted to do all of the “baby’s first” things and it was amazing, and wow did we do all the things (like our very first family vacation of three!). So this year, I just want time to play.

And I actually just downloaded (yesterday!) The Lazy Genius’ Holiday Docket to really help me put this plan into action and I can’t wait to give it a whirl. (This is the episode where she explains how to stay calm in a busy season.) I’ll keep you updated on how it goes! The next few months come fast and I desperately want to enjoy them.

My Fall Bucket List

1. Make Laurens’ Halloween costume! This little lion is my inspiration, finger crossed I’m as crafty as I think I am. Making his Dino costume last year was the highlight of my season.

2. Host a Cookbook Dinner Party with girlfriends! Have you heard of those? You pick a cookbook (here’s a list of my favorites!) and everyone picks a recipe from the book to make and share… tell me it doesn’t sound so fun!

3. Pumpkin Patch Day! I found a few great pumpkin patches nearby, now we just have to pick one and a day to go Great Scott Farms and Southern Hills Farms.

4. Movie night at Lou Gardens! It’s always a favorite of mine and we haven’t been in forever.

5. A fun craft/movie day with my sister and the kids! I really want to make these… they each have a little mouse toy and I think it would be the cutest! And I think we should watch When You Give a Mouse a Pumpkin… don’t you think?!

6. Bake a pumpkin pie from scratch! Ideally while football is on the tv and chili is on the stove.

7. Watch You’ve Got Mail! Because, duh.

8. Story time at the library! And then coffee in the park with a friend.

9. Pick up a fun bottle of wine at Golden Hour! I’ve been wanting to go forever.

10. Breakfast on the beach, while wearing a sweater!

Okay, your turn! Tell me all the fun fall things you’ll be up to this season.



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  1. What a great list Ashley! Thank you for the inspiration!
    On my list … making a wreath of flowers for my door, using my Halloween cookie cutters to bake with my daughters , going to a National Trust garden – I live in England -, prepare a few batches of soups and freeze them and start buying for Xmas so that coke December I am free to enjoy the season xx

  2. I love these ideas! You’ve Got Mail is one of my all time favorites! We always go to a farm that has a corn maze and fun activities for kids. I also already started a ghost DIY with my son to place at our front door.

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