My Favorite Baby Boy Clothing Finds

Only the cutest!

When we found out we were having a boy, so many people said “Ah! but girl clothes are so much cuter!” That made me laugh because I totally disagree! YES, there are so many more options for baby girls, but that doesn’t make them any cuter! Plus, when you find something you like it’s easier justify to scooping it up right on the spot because the boy clothes are definitely fewer and farther between… it doesn’t really require much convincing, ha! 😉

Also, I’ve *always* known I’d be a boy mom, so I’ve been secretly living for the moment for what feels like forever. And to be honest I’m loving life in baby boy land…I couldn’t be any more excited to dress my little guy.

A collage of baby boy clothes

Blue & White Collared Romper // Two-Toned Striped Romper // Gingham Swim Shorts // Seafoam Swim Shorts // Custom T-shirt // Custom Baseball Cap // Blue Sun Hat & Matching Overalls // Birkenstocks // White Sneakers // Chambray Drawstring Pants // Tube Socks // White Oxford // Twill Jacket // Overalls // Custom Shacket // Blue Oxford // Linen Trousers // Navy Boots // Neutral Beanie // Loafers // 3-Pack of Cotton Pants // Green Sweatshirt // Striped Cardigan // White Onesie Henley // Nikes // Sage Green Overalls

I just have to call out a few favorites here… honestly there are far too many here for me to talk about each one, BUT I have to point out a few favorites!

These overalls and this onesie were my very first purchases when I found out we were having a boy! Little boys in overalls just MELT ME. Also, I can NOT get over these tube socks and I am ordering this little shacket ASAP, I’m obsessed. And these boots are ridiculously expensive, so don’t yell at me… but I’ve had them pinned since October, so I had to share, ha! THEY ARE SO CUTE.

Truly I just can’t wait for him to get here to see his little personality. I have a feeling dressing a little boy will be FAR more fun than I even could have imagined!

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  1. The articles on this blog are a breath of fresh air in a sea of generic content. They bring a unique perspective and offer fresh insights that keep readers coming back for more.

  2. We have 3 boys and a long awaited baby girl we welcomed 1.5 years ago via adoption and I can honestly say the years I spent dressing the boys when they were little were just as much fun as dressing her. Yes, you have to look a little harder, but there is hardly anything cuter than a little guy in a smocked John John or gingham romper. You will just want to eat him up I’m sure!

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