My Favorite Baby & Toddler Boy Clothes

So may fun finds for warm weather…

I’ve said this before and I will say it a MILLION times over, little boy outfits are just so much fun… do not let anyone tell you otherwise! Ryan and I both just get the biggest kick out of dressing Laurens. Whether it’s the tiny linen button down shirts (see in action here), the ridiculously cute jon jons (see here), the tiny swim trunks (see here), or the sweet classic english style short-sets (see here), we quite literally cannot get enough of baby and toddler boy clothes.

There are so many things I love about boy outfits, especially play clothes! I love Laurens in a tiny pocket tee (these are our faves… they hold up so well, promise), shorts, and sneakers! It’s honestly the cutest thing to me. I genuinely love getting him dressed each day, it truly is just so fun.

toddler boy clothes

blue romper // white t-shirt // plaid shorts // lobster overalls // stripe romper // soft sneakers // initial baseball hat // loafers // red linen set // blue sleeveless romper // dino swim shorts // gingham overalls // stripe romper // white polo bodysuit // short set // buckle sandals // blue romper & hat set

So today I wanted to round up a few of my favorite items recently along with a handful of things I’ve just purchased. I get so many questions about boy clothes so hopefully this post will be helpful for those of you who are also are on the hunt!

This is hands down my favorite kind of shopping, so I hope you too enjoy!

My Favorite Baby & Toddler Boy Clothes & Brands

This is the number one question I get and after quite a bit of trial and error here are my favorites:

H&M — They have the greatest little shorts! We love them so much!

Zara — Honestly, was there yesterday and picked up a few of our favorite henley and sweat-shorts, and graphic tees (I die over how cute they are!)

Amazon — Obsessed with these baby shoes, we have them in every size in both the white and blue and the beige.

Janie & Jack — The most classic clothes! Love these little sandals, these linen overalls, a classic polo… honestly it’s all so good. I shop here for Laurens so much and they have the best sales!

Boden — They have the cutest little pieces, the sunshine swim trunks currently have my heart!

The Beaufort Bonnet Company — We LIVE in these pocket t-shirts, They are definitely one the pricier side but hold up SO WELL. I just hang dry them. Also, these shorts are the best as far as *nice* shorts go and again, the jon jons are another favorite! LOVE.

Hanna Anddersson — Definitely the pajamas/sleepers from here are just so good. They hold up wash after wash, are super soft, and super cute. These little cotton shorts are the perfect play staples.

Dillards — Honestly, Dillard’s Edgehill Collection is the best for special occasion clothing. Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, portraits, you can find Laurens in Edgehill. It’s perfect. They also sell Feltman Brothers which is the brand I purchased for Laurens’ baptism!

J&Josh — This company is new to me but oh-my-gosh, it’s unbelievable. These are definitely special clothes, but the knits are unreal and the daddy and son swimwear melts me. Laurens’ is wearing one of their knits here… it’s one of his sweetest pieces.

Maisonette — They honestly have everything. From Sammy & Nat (love!) to Pearl Street Swim (I’ll never be over the daisy swim trunks!)… I’m constantly browsing.

Old Navy — I haven’t had a ton of luck with clothes, but we are SUPER fans of the tiny Birkenstocks. I have them in every color.

*P.S. Target is honestly not my favorite currently, I hope that will change. When Laurens was a baby I would pick up a few things like pjs, but now I really struggle to find cute things!



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  1. It tickled me to read how much your love Laurens because I felt the same way about dressing our 3 boys. We also have a little girl and while finding cute, beautiful or heirloom pieces for her is a lot easier, I have such fond memories of dressing the boys the same way. It just takes a little more effort to find something precious that doesn’t say “mommy’s little monster” on it -ha!

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