Beauty Review: Hair Hot Tools

I love a good styling hot tool… especially these!

My stylist and I always joke that hot tools are my love language. I’ve rarely met a hair hot tool I didn’t like, and have tried pretty much every one under the sun. When I was in high school, I would go to the local Sally Beauty Supply store after school and just browse the isles for what felt like hours. It really was my happy place!

And whether my hair is longer or shorter, I really enjoy changing it up and trying new heated styles. Below I’m sharing my current rotation of favorite hot tools in my vanity, what I like about them, and the styles I create with each tool.

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There isn’t a single tool below that I don’t absolutely love and that you haven’t heard me rave about before, but I wanted to make a place for us to come back to and add onto as I continue to try new things. Hopefully this is helpful for you, too… in your hot tool journey!

P.S. As always, you can find my latest favorite beauty products here!

Hair Product Review

My Favorite Hair Hot Tools

Tried-and-true favorites for styling hair!

1.5″ Chi Curling Iron

I have been using this curling iron for years and years. And I actually just replaced the one I’ve had since college when it finally bit the dust! It gives me a blow-out look without the work, just a nice soft bend. Great for tucking under my ends.

See my tutorial here!

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1 1/4″ GHD Curling Iron

The fact that this curling iron heats up in 16 seconds will always and forever blow my mind. Also, it’s wild that this curling iron is only a 1/4″ smaller than my CHI, but gives my hair a different look. If I want loose waves, this is the one I use.

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GHD Flat Iron

Okay, I just ordered this during the Nordstrom sale and I’ve got to tell you, I cannot get enough. It’s such a great tool for both straightening (duh) and also messy undone waves. I’m still learning with this one (I’ll do a tutorial soon!), but here’s a video of the waves in action during a floral tutorial!

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Dyson Airwrap

I love my Dyson Airwrap, and I truly think the blowdryer is actual magic. It gives you a bouncy traditional blow out that is super hard to achieve otherwise!

See my tutorial here!

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T3 Hot Rollers

Gosh, I love my hot rollers and I often forget to bring them out, but man, do I love the look. It’s a bit nostalgic and very elegant. It’s truly hard to achieve with any other tool.

See my tutorial here!

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