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Earlier this summer, my girlfriend and I popped down to Miami for work, and it reminded me just how much I really do love that city. It’s funny, people either LOVE it or hate it! I feel like there really isn’t an in between, but I really truly enjoy the city.

It’s so fun and colorful, full of amazing art, fancy restaurants, sunny beaches, and fruity cocktails. Honestly, what isn’t to love?! Plus, I just kind of love the vibe ““ 24/7 fun and you just gotta roll with it.

This most recent trip, we stayed at the brand new The Goodtime Hotel in South Beach, and it was such a wild ride, ha!

We had spotted it on Instagram and thought it looked cute, which by the way it WAS SO CUTE, but we had no idea it was basically a party hotel/pool. Like those hotels in Vegas where it’s all about those big pool parties with DJs and live music. Hilariously, we had no idea and were there on like a Wednesday. The staff kept asking if we were going to be staying for the parties starting on Thursday, and we just laughed and said “nope, we had no idea!” Which is so funny, because we really had no clue. But once they mentioned it, we were quite curious on what these parties were all about”¦ like, should we stay?! hah!?

All in all, the hotel was fun and adorable. We had the best time and soaked up all the fun, non-party hours at the pool. And I will say: the restaurant was fantastic, the drinks were amazing, and it was all very Instagrammable!

This got me thinking, I really do have a fun list of Miami things that I love”¦ so I thought I’d share a few of them here with you!

Miami Travel Guide


Strawberry Moon ““ The food is fantastic, get the hummus!

Under the Mongo Tree ““ The best Acai blows! I just love these.

Prana Cafe ““ Okay, I LOVE this place. So many fantastic healthy and allergy friendly options.

Call Me Gabby ““ The last time Ryan and I went to Miami, we ate here two nights in a row. We are obsessed.

Lilikoi Organic Living ““ Such a great breakfast/lunch spot! Tons of great allergy friendly options

Casa Tua ““ Out of all the times I’ve been in Miami, I still have YET to eat at Casa Tuna, although it’s definitely on my list.

Time Out Market ““ Similar to a food hall, so many fun restaurants! Definitely worth popping into.

Wynwood neighborhood ““ If you are in town, this is definitely worth the drive. GREAT coffee shops, shopping, etc. Plus, the art wall art is spectacular.

Pérez Art Museum ““ Such a fun one, and they have a great kids space as well.

Coyo Tacos ““ I’m obsessed with their salads.

Edition Hotel ““ This is our favorite place to stay. We’ve stayed two or three times. It’s just so beautiful.

The Goodtime Hotel ““ *see review above! 😉

The Faena Hotel ““ We haven’t stayed at this hotel, but we’ve gone out there and their “Living Room” is infamous. SO. MUCH. FUN.

Things to do in Miami 2021

Again, the options in Miami are ENDLESS and seriously fun. So if you go, enjoy it! Take in the sights, bright colors, and definitely go out dancing at The Faena, that will be a memory you won’t forget! 😉

Photos by: Dani Nichol


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  1. Love this as I do get to Miami. I’d like to add Salt and Straw in Wynwood for ice cream, Kyu restaurant and Uchi restaurant. I had one of the best meals of my life at Uchi! We arrived at Happy Hour time which I recommend as we got to try so many fun things. Love your blog, Ashley!

  2. LOL! I saw this hotel on Instagram and really thought it was like the Colony! Quaint and relaxing and super Instagrammable! If I ever go, I might need to call and see the days the parties will not be happening on hahah! Thanks for all the recs Ashley!


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