My Holiday Bucket List

Festive and full of the things I love most…

I loved sharing my fall bucket list with you that I thought I’d make a holiday one to share as well! Mostly to keep me on track… but hopefully it will also serve as a bit of inspiration for you as we embark on the busiest and happiest season of all!

I really did well on my fall list and actually made it though a little over half, which I consider a total WIN, especially when you factor in work, life, and a busy busy toddler! I have to remind myself that perfect isn’t the goal here, fun is, so again… hopefully this inspires you to make your own happy little holiday bucket list.

holiday bucket list

Also, I said this about my fall list, and I want to say it again here: I want this season to be peacefully playful. I think we did a really good job of that this fall. There were quite a few things on my fall bucket list I didn’t get to but we had a lot of life happen during those months. So we ebbed and flowed. We even were on our way to a party one Saturday night a few weeks ago, and at the last second we made a u-turn and ended up at a tiny Thai restaurant, just the two of us, instead. We were exhausted from the week and the party felt overwhelming.

Honestly this may be the thing I’m *the* most proud of from the season, which is funny. For two people who never like to say no or miss out on the fun we deviated from the plan and honestly, it was one of my favorite date nights in recent history! After dinner we went to Barnes and Noble and then ate the brownies I had planned to bring to the party in the B&N parking lot straight out of the pan! Like I said peacefully playful what was I want to embrace and if that night was it then I want more of it!

So cheers to a season of plans, even the ones that don’t always go as planned. xx

My Holiday Bucket List

1. Lights, lights, and more lights! In years past we haven’t put lights on the front of the house, but this year we decided we needed LIGHTS. I’m kind of cheating by adding this on my list since we already did it, but I’m making up the rules! We have lit wreaths, garland, and our landscaping is outlined. We are so excited about it!

2. Make homemade ornaments with Laurens! This is the inspo. Some of my favorite ornaments on our tree growing up were the popsicle stick ornaments. I’m hoping to make one for our tree and one for each set of grandparents!

3. Santa! We have tickets for brunch and story time with Mr. & Mrs. Clause at the Oxford Exchange and I am *so* excited! We did it last year and it was a HIT. I’m so curious how it will go this year now that he can say “Santa” and “ho, ho, ho!”

4. Family Christmas movie night! Again cheating with this one since we did have our first little family movie night a few weeks ago with The Polar Express. I’d never seen it and I thought Laurens might like it because of the train, but I seriously underestimated just how much he would *love* it. He was riveted and did not move a muscle for the entire movie! We even ended getting the book because it was all he could talk about. Anyway, I want to do it again but this time make it more of an event. I thought he would only last ten minutes tops, so I feel like now the world is my festive movie night oyster! If you have any other good Christmas movies we should try for an 18-month-old, send recommendations my way!

5. Drive around and look at Christmas lights complete with hot cocoa and Christmas music! I know we will make this happen, but I get excited just thinking about it. Also, I have the best dairy-free hot cocoa recipe if you need it.

6. Bake cookies! I feel like this will happen more than once, but FOR SURE gingerbread cookies… I already bought the ingredients. Another great gf/df recipe here!

7. Story time at the library! And then coffee in the park with a friend. I had this on my list last time, but I need it on here again because it is so fun.

8. Christmas date night! Get dressed up, put on the sparkle eye shadow, wear the fun shoes… really go for it! Although, I need to find a really festive restaurant to try. I feel like we go to the same places a lot and I want it to feel different! Any ideas?!

9. See the Nutcracker Ballet! We are actually seeing it twice this year! Once with the Orlando Ballet and then my niece’s production later this month. It will be our 10th year in a row going, and it’s such a sweet tradition Ryan and I look forward to every year. (Here’s what I wore last time we snuck out to a ballet performance!)

10. Gift wrap night! One of my favorite nights of the year. Ryan and I typically set up shop in the living room, turn on a good movie, pop popcorn, and wrap all the gifts. I look forward to it all year round! (And here’s how to find your gift wrap style, I just love pretty paper!)

Okay, that’s it for now. I have LOTS of things I could keep adding… but I’ll wrap it up (ha!)! Already so excited about this season, and I’m hopeful you are too.



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  1. Love this list! As a mama to 4 kids (college aged-toddler) I can honestly say the most precious Christmas memories we have are the simple ones. It’s *so* tempting for me to get overwhelmed by everyone’s beautiful pics and activities on social media, but I’ve learned my style, what works for our family and what we cherish most. That helps keep Christmas simple and sweet and am so glad you’ve found your groove too!

  2. I love a holiday bucket list! My husband and I have a lot of traditions and this year we’re excited to add a few new activities to our ever-growing list. In addition to our usual festive outings, we’re attending a couple of concerts (“A Charlie Brown Christmas” and “The Nutcracker Suite”) at Blue Bamboo in Winter Park and the “Ice!” exhibit at Gaylord Palms.
    Enjoy “The Nutcracker” ballet – we’re also going and I’m so excited to see the new production!

  3. Love these so much! Laurens is so blessed to have such amazing parents making these sweet family memories together. I need to try your gift wrap night idea this year!

  4. We love The Movie The Star for our toddlers and it highlights the reason for the season – Christs awaited birth! It’s funny for adults too. We watch 30 min segments at night with little ones.

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