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It’s All About The Spreadsheet. 

On Saturday night, after posting that I finished my Christmas shopping, I got a handful of DMs and e-mails asking HOW in the world I did that. Now, before you think I’m some sort of Christmas magician, I want you to know that up until that moment I was panicking that I had yet to buy a single gift before Black Friday.  My mom is famous for having her holiday shopping done before Halloween, so the standards have clearly been set! HA!

When November rolled around and I realized that I hadn’t even thought about Christmas I decided to make a spreadsheet and get organized.  It may have been the best thing I’ve ever done.

I made the spreadsheet on Google Sheets and shared it with Ryan. We both saved it to our bookmarks toolbar and were able to updated it throughout the month. Any time we would think of a great gift idea for someone we would key it into the spreadsheet, along with a link, so all I had to do was open my laptop on Friday morning, click the link, and buy! It worked like a dream!

Also, Ryan and I are budget people and get pretty serious about it.  Still, I have the tendency to go a little over-board during the holidays.  So we decided on an overall gift budget and then added a column on the sheet to keep track of how much we were spending/wanted to spend per person, with a total at the bottom. We also took our budget and divided it by the number of people on our list, coming up with an average gift amount, which became our price target when shopping.

Here’s what the spreadsheet looks like and you can download it here or click the image.

Here’s a summary of all that info. I know it’s nothing earth shattering, but I promise the spreadsheet makes Christmas shopping a breeze!

  1. Write down the names of everyone on your shopping list
  2. Decide your total gifting budget.
  3. Divide the gifting budget by the number of people on your list OR manually assign a gift amount to each person. Actually, I do a little of both. It’s not about buying the same priced item for everyone, but really finding something each person will love! But at least dividing it out will give you a ballpark as you brainstorm gift ideas.
  4. Download this Spreadsheet & keep track.
  5. Happy Holiday Shopping

Now, I know what you are thinking, “great, Ashley, thanks for sharing this after Cyber week is over,” but you know as well as I do that it’s FAR from over! Sales will continue through the first of the year as retailers gear up for Christmas. So have no fear, this trick will work for you too! Also, you have PLENTY of time before Christmas, so don’t feel even a little bit behind…. The shopping season is just getting started!


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  1. Love this! I have used a printable from Emily Ley before but this takes it to the next level. Just made mine and added a column for ‘received’ since most of my gifts I ordered online! Thank you & continued prayers for your husband!

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