My J.Crew Spring Favorites

You guys, it’s all so good…

I’ve always been a J.Crew kind of gal (still making my way through this book, which is so good btw!), but y’all J.Crew is officially back and it makes my heart SO HAPPY. I have to seriously hold. myself. back. from adding it all to cart.

j.crew spring
striped t-shirt // shorts

Also, the basics have just totally stepped it up… like this blue and white striped tee! I’ve worn in twice since I got it last week, and these chic white shorts are on their way to me. And don’t even get me started on the swim! This blue and white is too good.

dress (over 60% off!) // handbag // earrings

Anyway, I thought I’d round up some J.Crew spring favorites below because quite frankly, I need you to get as excited as I am…. the bows! The stripes! The classics! The charm! It’s just so fun.

Now I just need to decide what can actually come home with me…

navy sweater // green dress // crochet top // white shorts // blue & white strip dress // white eyelet top // blue handbag // pink bow dress // raffia clutch // orange top // gingham dress // blue & white strip t-shirt // ring // denim shorts // sandals

A Few Favorites From J.Crew Spring Arrivals

You know I love this dress so much (see above!) and it’s over 60% off! Loving the color of this slip dress. And this easy throw-on-for-anything stripe dress. And I just can’t resist a good gingham!

This crochet top is beyond. So good! Love it styled with linen pants or denim.

The new lady jacket in cotton will be coming home with me… and paired with these white shorts. Would also wear the shirts with this pretty blouse (50% off!).

I need a fun event so I can wear this or this!



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