My kale salad secret + 5 recipes to make

This meal plan is practically writing itself!

I really love to get in the kitchen and realized how much I’ve missed it this past week. It felt like the entire month of December I was rushing too and from an event, or needed cookies for this or appetizer for that. I did not get to spend a lot of time cooking meals for us or doing my favorite kitchen activity, baking.

Everything I did in the kitchen last month was for an event, which was WONDERFUL and I wouldn’t have it any other way, but also, I’m excited to get in my favorite space and make some meals just for us.

Kale Salad Secret:

This past week I reveled in making my beloved kale salads. It’s my favorite thing for lunch, especially when I throw the entire produce section in. I crave these lemon-y and leafy green bowls each day. So it’s been fun to have a few extra minutes to make them in the afternoon.

But I will say, the *key* (in my opinion!) to a really good kale salad is the homemade dressing. I did a blog post about my favorite easy homemade salad dressings a while back. Truly they are all so good, but the lemon one is my favorite. It makes the salad!

2 Favorite Food Bloggers:

Kale salads aside, I have a new food crush. As you probably know my longtime can-do-no-wrong food crush is The Minimalist Baker. If you don’t follow, subscribe, etc. You SHOULD. Dana is an absolute wiz in the kitchen. I love every single thing of hers I make and most have become staples in our home. I’m obsessed with everything she does.

And I’ve recently added a new crush to my list, The Defined Dish.

I heard about Alex through my girlfriends Melissa and Carly, and I’m thrilled I listened to them. I haven’t made one single meal from her cookbook or site that wasn’t a 10 out of 10. No one seasons a dish quite like Alex. It’s a gift.


Their Cookbooks


Minimalist Baker

Shop Here


The Defined Dish

Shop Here

Between these two ladies, my weekly meal plans practically write themselves! So I thought I’d share a few things I’m loving and few that I have on my to-make list below.

5 Recipes You’ll Love:


Buddha Bowl (gf/df/vegan)

I live for these Buddha Bowls. They are SO good and satisfying. Also anything with a pickled onion in the recipe is already a win in my book

Trust me, make this.



Pan Roasted Chipotle Halibut with Avocado Salsa (gf/df)

This is truly another staple on our weekly menu. I LOVE THIS DISH. The lime, the avocado, it’s all so good!

Plus I’ve made it wish halibut, cod, and salmon. All fantastic!



Pesto Sauce (gf/df)

At this point I make a batch of this every week. It’s SO dang good. Top it on salmon and bake it, put it in a sandwich, or my favorite… used it as pizza sauce.

Trust me, make this.



Classic Spaghetti & Meatballs (gf/df)

I made this on Monday, and WOW it is good. It made a TON. Enough for leftovers, for a friend’s family that is under the weather, and some for the freezer!

*I omitted the anchovies, because I just can’t stomach them! ha! other than that it was perfect!


breakfast & snack

Peaches & Cream Overnight Oats (gf/df)

I love this version of overnight oats because it has more than just oats. It has fiber with the chia seeds and protein with yogurt! You could make a larger batch of this for the mornings or a 3:00 snack.

I swap the fruit out with the season (strawberries now!) and use a high protein yogurt like Siggi’s plant based coconut yogurt to get more bang for my bite!


Okay, well THAT was a lot of information, ha! Once I got started on this post I couldn’t stop. Hopefully it’s helpful for you in making your grocery list this upcoming week!

Cheers to Friday, friends!


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  1. Thanks for sharing your salad tips and favorite recipes, Ashley! I love the Defined Dish too—her recipes ARE seasoned so well. 🙂 I love seeing posts like this and hope you keep them coming.

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