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Keeping it Simple, But Effective

Skincare can be crazy confusing. With a million different products, treatments, and methods, who actually knows what products you should be buying or, better yet, how you are supposed to apply the product once you own it?!

Last year I wrote this post about the oder in which to apply skin care, and truthfully I go back to this resource at least once a month for myself!

But the one thing I know to be true about my skincare routine is that it is forever and always changing, because my skin is always changing. Whether it’s a seasonal change, age, or hormones, I’ve got to be on top of it! I’ve only got one set of skin and I’m not trying to make it something it isn’t, just trying to take care of it the best I know how.

The one thing on my daily to-do list that I never, and I mean NEVER miss, is my skincare routine. It’s looked a hundred different ways over the years, but right now, this is how it looks. It’s simple, it’s impactful, and manageable! Below are the products I use and a video of how I apply them morning and night.

Hopefully, this video below helps you on your skincare journey. Wether you are just starting out or 75 steps in!

Watch my routine:

Morning Routine:

Kate Somerville Exfoliator // Kiehl’s Face Wash // Kiehl’s Toner // Keihl’s Oil // Fresh Beauty Eye Cream // Keihl’s Moisturizer // Laura Mercier Primer

Nighttime Routine:

Kiehl’s Face Wash // Kiehl’s Toner // Keihl’s Oil // Ordinary Beauty Retinol // Fresh Beauty Eye Cream // Fresh Beauty Moisturizer // Neulash Lash Enhancer

You’ll have to let me know if you try out any of these products, I’d love to hear your thoughts!



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  1. Ashely this post is so helpful! I’m trying out the cleanser and Kiehl’s oil now. Planning on adding the toner to my routine soon too.

    The link to your post from last year isn’t working though?

    Thank you!

  2. Love every bit of this, so well done. I love the links to the products and the best part is they are super affordable! Thank you!

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