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My Favorite Kind of Mornings

Morning routines have always fascinated me. I’m always asking people what their mornings look like and how they get it all done. For me, the morning routine is always top of mind.

Growing up, my parents had us “set up for success” (not even kidding) each and every night. We’d pack our lunches, lay out our backpacks (homework inside), pick out our clothes, and of course iron them. We even went as far as laying out the cereal bowl and spoon to ensure the smoothest morning possible. Honestly, that habit is one of my favorite things I retained from my years at home.

Which brings me to my current morning routine. Yesterday I was returning all of my DMs from the past week and a half (I got WAY behind!). I had quite a few people ask me about my morning routine and I had to laugh. Last week I was on my A-game. Up at 6:10 every morning and hit the ground running, but this week, not so much. After a very full and exhausting (but good) weekend I haven’t been able to find the energy to kickstart my mornings. So as I responded to the DMs I made a promise to myself that I would write this post for both the sweet readers who asked about my routine and for myself to serve as inspiration to get my booty out of bed. 

So without further ado, this is my typical and when I’m at my best, morning routine!

My Morning Routine:

6:15 am

Wakeup & Make My Bed

I am sure you have heard of this before, about how making your bed can absolutely transform your day.  It’s true! This ensures I start the day by being proactive about or in control of something, even if the rest of my life is chaos. I like to think of it as creating my first “win” of the day.

I wrote a post called “Do The Hard Things First” which deals with the idea that how you do anything is how you do everything (not my quote – see the post!). Making the bed falls underneath that principle in my book.

6:30 am

Coffee & Journal

 The first thing I do every morning is make a cup of coffee! We have the Nespresso maker and milk frother so each morning I whip up an almond milk latte. 

Then, I grab my journal, a pen, my bible, and find a cozy spot to do a little writing and digging into the Word. It’s the quietest part of my day and it’s by far my favorite.

7:15 AM

Work Out

I very rarely go to the gym to work out, since I am most often doing BBG in my garage (more on my BBG workout here!). But every once in a while I get a wild hair and head to the gym! I’m going to start incorporating running into my work out… so I may be going to the gym a little more often once Summer hits! 

P.S. I’m loving these leggings right now and they are one $25!! 

8:00 AM

Dolly Walk

Good Lord Almighty, if we don’t take this dog on a walk (with this leash) first thing in the morning she will tear the house apart! She’s truly the sweetest animal on the planet and never really destroys anything of value, but she will get into ALL KINDS of trouble if she doesn’t get her walk in. She’ll rip her bow out of her hair and eat it, find socks and hide them around the house, cry at the back door alllllll day long…. we call it our sanity walk for good reason. haha! 

8:15 AM


We are those people who eat pretty much the same breakfast every single day of the week. About a year ago I read the Be Well by Kelly book and got completely hooked on the lifestyle. We make one of her #Fab4Smoothies just about every morning. Our current favorite green smoothie recipe is below and serves two!

4 cups Almond (or any nut) Milk + Ice

4 tbs. Chia Seeds

4 tbs. Almond Butter

2 giant handful of Spinach

scoops of organic, vegan protein

8:30 – 9:30 Am

Get Ready

One of my favorite spots in our whole house is my vanity (read about my makeup vanity here) we actually outfitted the whole thing on

But really I just love having a place to sit and do my makeup and drink yet a second latte out of my favorite temperature controlled mug

*see my latest beauty posts here!

9:30/10:00 am

At My Desk

I like to be at my desk before ten, that’s the goal at least. I definitely start working waaay before that, by returning e-mails while I make my coffee, posting on social while my smoothie is blending, and replying to DMs as I blow dry my hair! When you work from home and for yourself, the “on” and “off” hours can get kind of muddy, but truthfully I wouldn’t want it any other way! 


Now it’s your turn… tell me, what does your morning routine look like?! Is it similar to mine? Completely different? I want to know!


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  1. Mornings are nothing but hectic and crazy for me hahaha However I wouldn’t have it any other way to be honest!
    Up at 6am, take dogs out and make breakfast by 6:15 and coffee of course. Then it’s the task of waking everyone up and trying to get my oldest motivated to hurry up to get dressed by 645 at latest. Once I feel everyone s at least out of bed by 630, I rush over to get myself ready (which unlike most women haha) takes me 10-15 min, the 5 min difference is whether I m putting on make up or now lol so by 645 I am all ready to go, make sure oldest is ready and go wake youngest. Get him dressed, brushed teeth, and out the door by 7am. Breakfast is in the car. Drop oldest at school, he drive to youngest day care and work. All in all, at work by 830 hahaha Not sure of anyone could keep up with my funky routine but I honestly cant imagine it being smooth, it gets me going kind of like a workout hahaha

  2. Love the structure that you have.
    My morning start times vary, especially if I’m working from home. However, it’s a 6:30 or 7 o’clock wake up. Make my bed, prayer time and reading my bible. Get dressed and breakfast by 7:30 grab my work tote- because I always have work to due when I get home from work. And head our the door.

  3. The kitchen is usually the gathering spot; just wondering how your kitchen is setup. Could you do a blog on it

  4. I love having a peek into other people’s schedule! Thanks for sharing! I’m trying to do the “set up for success” thing for myself and taking a page from Emily Ley to simplify my life by having my lunch packed the night before, have the kitchen cleaned up, and have the coffee pot cleaned and set on the timer to brew for me at 6am. That way I can enjoy at least a half cup before I head off to work! Thanks for sharing!

  5. This most puts it in writing that my morning is a hot mess. Im the snooze 15 times lol. I try to be up at 515 no later than 6. I have to shower daily, but have naturally curly hair so I don’t have to dry and fix it typically. Just some anti Friz. Then I struggle with getting my kids ready, lunchs made, and breakfast as we rush out the door at the literally last second or I’m late for work. I have to have 2 kids dropped off at one school and 1 at another and I work 3 mins away. I have to be there at 830. So yeah I’m a hot mess ‍♀️

  6. Mines pretty similar…but I do have to be at work by 8. Wishing I could be there by 10 instead!
    5:30 – wake up | drink 16oz of water
    6:00 – workout
    6:30 – get ready for work
    7:30 – breakfast

  7. I love this! I love that you work out in the morning, too – to me it just gets the (sometimes daunting) task out of the way and makes you feel amazing the rest of the day! I have a decently similar routine, but we are getting a new puppy in about 7 weeks so it’s all about to change… Wish us luck! I’ve been searching your puppy posts from when you got Dolly for tips and tricks, but any others you have feel free to let me know! 😉

  8. I love this!

    My morning routine is completely different mainly because I have a young one now but…
    4:00am – Wake up
    4:30am – Bible Study and Matcha/ Look at blogs
    5:30am – Dishwasher
    5:45am – Shower/ get ready for the Day
    6:15am – Read
    7am – Little One wakes.

    Have a wonderful day!

  9. I absolutely LOVED this post! Morning routines are so fascinating to me. What time do you typically go to bed? Do you have an evening routine? Those are equally as fascinating to me!

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