I Made A Resolution & Kept It! Here’s My Morning Routine

Plus, a few of my blue and white morning favorites!

It’s been one of my goals this year to streamline my morning routine. And Ryan wanted to, too! We are notorious for going to bed far too late because of work or we just find ourselves piddling around the house doing projects. But then, not surprising, waking up the next day feeling frazzled.

We are both “morning people” so it frustrated us every time we did this…like why can we just not go to bed on time? So, at the end of December we made a pact to get our act together and nail down a solid morning routine that we both felt good about.

morning routine

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With the baby arriving this spring we felt like it was a good time to get our morning motivation kick started! We know as soon as he arrives everything will be on his schedule (which we can’t wait for!), but it’s been really nice to build strong habits that work for us. Kind of like a family foundation!

And I’m proud to say that we’ve actually stuck to this goal since the first day of January, and even on weekends. Almost three solid months in and we are loving our new routine. And yes, we go to bed excited about the morning!

I can’t speak for Ryan, but I would often wake up feeling overwhelmed by all of the chores, personal to-dos, and work obligations that I wouldn’t know where to start. So, I would just begin with the easiest items to tackle on my list. But that would never serve me well! And I’ve had various “routines” over the years but nothing I’ve stuck to THIS constantly for this long. Waking up knowing what the first hour of my day will look like starts the day off so much better. And now it’s such a habit that I don’t even think about it any more!

Now, I’m sure you all have your lives more together than me. But if you are craving consistency like I was, try creating and sticking to a solid routine. It’s been a *day changer* for us!

The Morning Routine:

Wake up! (5:45 – 6:00 am) I’d like to say it’s always 5:45 am, but I’m QUEEN of the snooze button.

Make bed & get dressed: We make the bed, change into workout clothes, brush teeth, etc.

Feed Dolly & unload dishwasher: Dolly gets her beloved Farmer’s Dog while I unload the dishwasher from the night before. We started running our dishwasher every night and it’s crazy what a simple change like this will do! Now we always have what we need in the kitchen.

Do laundry: Next, I throw in one small load of laundry into the washer, pull out the dry clothes from the day before and fold. I do a load of laundry every single day and, I kid you not, this has changed my life. I cannot recommend it enough! Also, we recently bought a new washer and dryer and they are the literal best.

Make smoothies: Back to the kitchen to make smoothies! I’ve been making a version of Be Well By Kelly’s Fab4 smoothies for almost four years now…see here! It’s filling, good, and I know we are getting what we need first thing in the morning.

Clean up & drink coffee: I wash our Vitamix from our smoothie making, clean Dolly’s bowls, and finally MAKE THE COFFEE. We go back and forth between making lattes with our Breville Espresso machine (full review here) or coffee with our Moccamaster. It just depends on the day! Regardless, this is my favorite part of the morning.

Sit down & journal: While I drink my well deserved coffee, I’ll do a bit of reading and journaling for 10-15 minutes. I wrote a blog post earlier this year on how to start journaling, if you are interested! My days always start and end on a better note when I take the time to jot down a few thoughts in my favorite notebook. I’ve also been reading through this Gospel Meditation book each morning that I can’t recommend enough.

Get outside & move: By this time the laundry is usually just about done, so I’ll pop it into the dryer and head outside. I’ll quickly water any plants that need attention, and then Dolly and I hit the pavement. I like to walk about two or three miles, and Dolly lives for this! So I put on an audio book and go. Honestly, I am *so* excited to do this with a stroller in tow! Once we get home from our walk I like to try and squeeze in a quick Sculpt Society Workout if I have the time and then jump in the shower to *really* start my day.

Now that I’m thinking this all through, it seems like a lot! But I’m happy to make it all happen, and I accomplish most everything in the first hour of the day. The walk is what can make my morning routine linger a bit, because if it’s beautiful out Dolly and I will just keep going!

Also, remember, I have the luxury of working from home and setting my own schedule, which I know is a gift. So I’m definitely sneaking a peek at emails, responding to DMs, and checking Instagram during that time as well…so it’s all kind of a juggle! But I’m definitely grateful for the way this routine has changed my days.

Also, I really am so excited to see how this will all change again in just a few weeks…I can’t wait for those early mornings with a snuggly newborn.

P.S. I made a TikTok sharing my entire routine here if you want a fun visual!!


Photography by Sally Watson


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  1. Thank you for sharing this! I have been sticking to my morning routine for a month now and it has been the biggest difference in my day and my life! I read a book today(cover to cover) for the first time in years and I truly believe that journaling helped in the unexpected treat of an afternoon of reading. My mind is clear and I’m more focused! Congratulations on the upcoming birth!

    • Love this post, Morning routines are so fun to read about! Newborns change your morning routine in the best way, and the middle of the night sometimes blends into the mornings, but I’m so excited for you! With both of my newborns, I came up with a few “non negotiables” that had to happen everyday, and this really helped me! Shower, change out of my pajamas (even if it’s just into more loungewear), coffee (more of a need than a want) and a teensy bit of makeup to make me feel a little more normal! Getting out for a walk everyday was so helpful too!

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